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Living Magically on Raw Starts Today!

Posted Oct 06 2011 12:00am

KK-LMOR-Binder-Large Today's the day that Living Magically on Raw kicks-off with the official Welcome call. Exciting!
We've been receiving a number of questions on a daily basis about this awesome 12-month program so I'm sharing these with you today because the clock is ticking!

*   *   *   *   *


A. "Living Magically on Raw" is quite simply a life-changing, diet-changing 12-month program that’s for people who are excited about raw food, life and want to make their life truly magical. It’s an international group coaching program that runs via the internet and telephone, meaning anyone can take part in any part of the world. As far as I know, it’s the only program of its kind, combining the best of raw food coaching, law of attraction and manifesting strategies with focussed goal setting and dreaming BIG to provide an all-in-one year-long program that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be - with your raw diet, your body and your life.

Living Magically on Raw also includes a closed-door, member only "Inner Circle" community where members can ask questions, share ideas and get the support and inspiration they need from myself and each another. It is the only way, outside of the more advanced level of LMOR, that people can work with me around food and life with me, period. It's also the most well thought-out, magical raw food and life transformation adventure you are ever likely to encounter. It really is an incredible package.

Q. When does the LIVING MAGICALLY ON RAW program start and finish?

A. The first call is TODAY, Thursday 6th October, 2011 which is the introduction and welcome call.

The first Living Magically topic call, "Create Space for Magic" takes place on Tuesday 11th October at 2pm UK (6am Pacific, 9am Eastern). The program runs an entire year, with two live calls per month, and CDs and transcripts of each training call sent direct to your home as well as beautiful ring-binder to keep everything in and a daily journal to keep yourself on track (this is just a tiny fraction of the goodies you will receive through the mail!). The program ends Tuesday 2nd October 2012. All calls are on Tuesdays at 2pm UK (6am Pacific, 9am Eastern) and can be accessed via the telephone OR internet. All calls are recorded so you do not have to attend live if the time doesn’t work for you. (This earlier time is really working well for those in Australia)


A. Living Magically on Raw is for those who already eat a high- or all- raw diet and feel comfortable and happy doing so. It is also for those who believe that life is what you make it and are prepared to take responsibility for their lives and every aspect of it - and most importantly to GROW! Living Magically is not for those who still have significant food issues or don't believe that they can create the life they want or are scared to play big or differently.

If you are ready to live in an altogether different world, inside and out, and make it the best you can possibly make it with no limitations, then this is the program for you.

Q. What will LIVING MAGICALLY ON RAW do for me?

A. During Living Magically you will:

  • Learn how to clear the way for magic and opportunities to come into your world (and do it!)
  • Connect with your "Raw Superhero Self" or your Soul Self, and discover who you really are and what's possible for you
  • Create a "squealicious" vision for yourself that is your desired destination for your diet, body and life over the course of the 12 months we work/play together
  • Resolve any inner blocks that may be standing in your way from reaching your desired dreams
  • Map out how you want your life to look and learn how to start making it real on a day-by-day basis so you can start actually living it RIGHT NOW
  • Create potent self-care and lifestyle "rituals" so that your life becomes more magical in moments large and small
  • Learn how to overcome challenges as they show up and learn more about what they are *really* all about
  • Bring more beauty into your life in a number of exciting and life-changing ways - this is one of the most potent ways to raise and maintain a high vibration
  • Learn how to upgrade your diet for specific goal attainment and how to work with the energy of food to get the results you desire
  • Learn my most powerful tips for manifesting whatever it is that you desire - be it a relationship, a new home, money or anything else!
  • Learn what type of eater you are and how you can change or work with it to reach your desired diet and body goals
  • Learn how to completely detox and reorganise your kitchen to support your goals
  • Learn how to menu plan for every situation and eventuality
  • Have all the tools you need to powerfully reinvent yourself and your life whenever you want or need to at any point in the future
  • And much more!

And of course it will give you the tools to marry these two up and create a truly magical life for yourself on every level and to whatever degree you desire.

This really is priceless information that will absolutely change your life - today, tomorrow and forever.

Q. How is LIVING MAGICALLY ON RAW different than your previous programs?

It is VERY different. This program takes the best of what I have to offer, combining my very best raw food teaching and coaching information with WEEKLY accountability, and is divided into twelve monthly steps or "modules" that will help you get clear on who you are, what you want and have you actively pursuing the realisation of the goals and dreams you have named and claimed for yourself throughout the entire year. . The design of this program combined with the lessons shared and the assignments given means that you will be walking a path that grows increasingly magical, makes you feel increasingly alive, and gives you the best possible tools to enjoy the great times more than ever, while knowing exactly what to do when the trials and challenges show up. And of course you'll be doing it with a truly wonderful bunch of people - your new LMOR friends - because I make sure that everyone who is part of this program is a positive, go-getting, raw foodie just like you, this way we keep an all-round HIGH VIBRATION.

There is really nothing like this program anywhere else on the entire planet. This is the most cutting-edge all-round magical raw food and life coaching program the world has ever seen, re-released in 2011 for the second time, and I am delighted to be offering it to you.

Q. What is the financial investment in the LIVING MAGICALLY ON RAW program?

A. I've made this program very affordable, even for those new to the concept of coaching or group programs who may not yet appreciate the true value of what this program has to offer. If you take advantage of the full pay option on or before 5pm (UK) 12th October 2011 you can take advantage of the amazing value price of £999 (Approx. $1545).

Payment plans start at just £99 (approx. $154) a month. This is *much* less than you would pay a regular life coach per month, and in this program you get life coaching, food coaching, law of attraction coaching, money coaching, the amazing “Raw Transformation Life-Change Program” (home study program by mail) and so much more all wrapped up in one with me as your personal mentor and guide - plus you get the materials and CDs from each training call to keep for LIFE AND a wonderful community to be part of for an entire year.

After that the price of the program will increase to £1200 (approx. $1850) and the 12-pay option will disappear.

I have NEVER offered a coaching program as comprehensive and literally, magical, as this before. It is no exaggeration to say that even one of the things you learn from me during this program will be worth your entire year's investment and more, because of the quality of the materials that I will be sharing with you. The program content is actually worth over FIVE times your financial investment and you will have the materials to hand to work with for the entire rest of your life! Now that's value!

By the way, here's one powerful tip if "lack of money" is the only thing preventing you from you from signing up right now.

This is the trap I fell into a number of times in the past where I said "I can't afford it" about something I wanted. During the program you will learn many new ways to change your mindset and the words that you choose, and reconfigure them to attract what you want rather than repelling it. You also receive a free pass to the fantastic “Money Breakthrough Method Experience” 2-part workshop which is the most profound way of changing your money mindset and habits that I have ever discovered. (The value of this alone is £499!)

Did you realise that when you say "I can't afford it" that becomes your reality? But when you ask, "How *can* I afford it?" your mind gets to work trying to figure out how you can - and miracles happen. Providing you stay clear in your intention and determined to make it happen, I'm willing to bet you'll soon find yourself more than able to afford it - one way or another. It might be a surprise gift from a relative, a tax rebate, finding money in a drawer or something even more unpredictable, but it happens *all the time* when people are open to miracles and REALLY want something and are prepared to think outside the box to get it. Try it and see! Are you up for the challenge? Do you want it enough?

Honestly, I don't want anyone to cite "lack" of finances as a reason not to sign up. This perpetuates the very "illness" (of mindset) that is causing so many problems in the world with a lack mentality. I know, I've been there, and was "there" for a very long time in spite of having many other very positive beliefs - and, as you may well know, it's really not fun. It took me a long time to realise that the only thing standing between me and what I wanted - in *any* area of my life was not life itself or anyone else, but ME. I had some of the pieces of the puzzle, but not all of them but as soon as I did and started using them, that's when my entire life turned around.

I truly believe that "where there's a will there's a way" and if you are as committed to your life to the full as I am to mine, then you truly find a way!

Consider this your first assignment, because this is *exactly* what Living Magically on Raw is all about. It's about saying "YES" when others say "no". It's about believing in the unseen when others take life at face value. It's about trusting that you WILL be given what you ask for, because deep down you *know* that the Universe is on your side, and so are you and you are open to receiving with a grateful and open heart. If you want it, ask, pray or intend for it... and keep listening to the whispers and looking out for signposts, because they ARE there and they WILL come.

If you can do this, you've already proved that you are living magically on raw and I would love for you to come and join me so you can learn how to experience more and more of the same, because it only gets easier.

And don't forget - an instalment option is available.

*   *   *   *   *

When is it too late to sign up?

Here's the deal:

Today is the last day if you want to be on the welcome call at 2pm UK today and hear about things first.

Between tomorrow and 12th October 2011 at 5pm is the time to join if you want to bag the Early Bird price.
Before 11th October is the time to join if you want to be on the first topic call and receive the program materials as they are published.

And the absolute FINAL date for signing up is Monday 7th November 2011 (but you'll have to catch up on the October materials) and then .

I hope this answers all of your questions, but if not, be sure to let me know! Just email .

Click on this link to read all about it >>

I look forward to welcoming you soon and helping you make and experience even more magic in every area of your life.

Radiantly yours,

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