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Let Me Tell You What I Think of the Raw Food Movement

Posted Nov 23 2010 7:11pm
Written by Tera on -

Oooh! With all this huffing and puffing I’ve been hearing about meat, veganism, raw food and dairy on Facebook lately, I decided it was time that this article resurface. I wrote it a few years ago, but it’s as true today and perhaps I didn’t say it loud enough the first time.

By Tera Warner

Okay, I admit that I’ve had more than my fair share of contradicting information when it comes to the “right” way to approach the Raw Food Diet, and today I’d like to set the record straight.

This morning I received an article in my inbox and it was talking about the dangers of consuming too much fruit in the raw food diet. First of all, I love the author and felt like everything was written with great integrity and clarity. The proof was carefully laid out, and the reasoning behind it all was perfectly “sensible,” and yet reading this article, I started to feel rather upset!


Because I could show you another link, well, dozens of them, in fact, that claim the complete 180 degree opposite of this to be true with as much “sensible” reasoning and proof to back them up as well.

Frankly what shocks me is opposed camps in the raw food movement, and yet BOTH sides of the camp claim “their” way is “the right way” and then proceed to invalidate any other paths by claiming that they lead to misery and failure. The end result, as far as I am concerned, just creates a whole bunch of confusion for people who are looking to succeed in improving their health, and divides us as a raw food community.

The Fat-Fruit Controversy is not the only dichotomy in the Raw Food Movement by any stretch of the imagination. There are the Enzyme-elievers and Nay-sayers, the Sprouters vs the Doubters, the Juicers vs the Chewers, the  Supplementers vs Puritan Hygienists, the Colon Flushers vs the Constipators.

You name it, there’s protest and dichotomy riddled throughout what we know as The Raw Food Movement.

And frankly, I think we should do something about it.

For heaven’s sake, we’re all raw foodistswe’re a global community of people inspired about health and passionately living as fully as we can. I think the impact we can have on this planet will be greater if we stand united rather than try and throw criticism and polarity into the soup.

How do we do this?

Well, if raw food leaders would start to speak from their personal experience rather than claiming to have “the right way,” I think we’d be off to a very good start. Let’s face it, much of what we’re doing in this raw food movement still qualifies as a grand human experiment.  As far as I can see, there is no “right way,” there is only “YOUR right way” and if there was a single “right way”, we wouldn’t have nearly this much argument and dissention within the raw food movement, would we?

I’ve seen raw food “experts” try to apply the raw food diet for more than 10 years, only to pack it in and decide that it wasn’t working for them! I’ve received phone calls from people who had tried EVERYTHING (High fat, low fat, sprouts, juice, and dehydrated goods) just to end up extremely ill and finding comfort only in cooked root vegetables and a small amount of meat.

Frankly, as soon as any person claims they know “THE truth” I just want to run in the opposite direction. There are no absolutes, as far as I’m concerned, and when it comes to “truth” well, what’s true is what’s true for YOU!

It would be very easy, for example, to say that just because Dr Norman Walker lived to the ripe old age of 100 and something, and HE didn’t eat too much fruit, and flushed his colon then we should all reduce our fruit consumption and flush our colons.

But that just doesn’t make ANY sense. There are little old ladies in Japan who have been eating sushi their whole lives and digging potatoes out of their back garden living to the ripe of age of 100 and something, too! So should we all start eating sushi and picking potatoes?

No way!

How can you possibly begin to eliminate the infinite number of variables that play into each person’s unique constitution, environment and history? You can’t! There’s no way to rationally ignore all the other factors in the equation in order to make any of these broad, sweeping statements about the “rightness” of anyone’s diet or lifestyle.

I’ve seen too many people spontaneously healed from a lifetime of illness through spiritual awakenings and self-discovery to fall for the idea that “we are what we eat.”  They didn’t change anything about their food, but rather came to understand something profound about themselves, their history, and their very being that caused an extraordinary shift in their lives and their health. Wheatgrass and bananas had nothing to do with it.

I’d like to believe that we can create a space where people feel safe to do what works for them and that we can honor the “rightness” of each person’s self-determinism. Let’s put all the options on the table, but let’s do it in the spirit of learning from each other and supporting each other to better understand health as a composite of a wide range of factors, including tolerance and compassion for others.

There is so much more to be gained by realizing that we’re all here doing our best to learn as we go and make the world a saner place in the process. With all these debates and dissension in the raw food movement, we become obsessed with FOOD, and forget how important our mental and emotional state is to the digestion of whatever we eat. We create competition amongst ourselves as people passionate about health, rather than a spirit of tolerance and a desire to understand each other and ourselves better.

I will continue to invite experts who practice many different variations of the raw diet, and I will even invite incredible people that live empowered lives who could care less about raw food!

To attach a label to your forehead, or to better understand your body and yourself?

Leaders of the Raw Food Movement Unite! We’re stronger together than we are divided, and as soon as one of us starts invalidating the success or personal choices of the other, we’re all sunk! Let’s admit and understand that there is much to be learned in the process of what we’re doing, and what works for one may not work for the other.

Raw food enthusiasts and seekers of health and high-energy living: Don’t let anyone invalidate what’s real for you! Observe what happens in your body and keep things simple. You KNOW what works for you and no enzymatic fermentation theories need distract you from what you OBSERVE to be true about your body and its reactions to the choices you make.

We are all engaged in the process of learning more about ourselves and of Life itself. We do this best with a genuine desire to learn from each others’ experiences. We stand in  integrity when we speak of our experiences and observations, rather than adopting unrealistic ultimatums, absolutes and ideologies about food.

Thank you to each of you who bravely blaze a trail of tolerance, of community, and of mutual support as we evolve together towards a greater understanding of each other and ourselves. We have much still to learn, let’s band together for the good of us all.

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