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Keep Your Weight In Check Over The Holidays

Posted Dec 30 2012 11:04am

With the holiday season now fully upon us, some of you may be feeling slightly anxious about what this may mean to your body weight, and all the hard work you’ve been doing this year. While if you are able to stick to your raw or whole food approach, you shouldn’t have to worry about too many unhealthy items being able to sneak past your lips and contribute to your skinny jeans feeling a bit snugger than normal. But if you haven’t mastered emotional eating or combating cravings, you may be one of the many setting a weight loss oriented New Year’s Resolution.

Fortunately, if you keep a few key ideas in mind, you can keep your weight in check over the holiday season and avoid many of these problems from taking place.

Let’s give you a few quick ideas to get you started.

Always Eat Before Holiday Parties

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is forgoing all meals before a holiday party. They figure they can skip eating before the party, and that this will prevent them from gaining weight by days end.

But, the opposite often occurs. If you’re saving up calories throughout the day, you’re going to go to the party feeling so famished that you have virtually no control over what you eat.

Instead, have a light meal that’s full of fiber and very satisfying. This way, you can enjoy just a small amount of one of the healthier food choices at the event and not overdo things to the point where you will gain weight.

A great suggestion Casey and I love to do is make a big ole salad, or veggies and hemp dip ( see recipe here ). We have fun munching and crunching on foods we love, and then just enjoy a little something-something when at the party later on.

Look For Alternative Ways To Get Active

Next, another quick tip to keep in mind is that you should aim to be as active as you can throughout the holidays, outside of the gym.

You may find that you just don’t have time to go through your full exercise routine as regularly as you’re used to, but if you can be more active throughout the day, you can easily make up for that skipped session.

Try and seek out fun, active things to do when you get together with friends and family as well such as tobogganing, skating, or skiing. Or if in a warmer climate take the family for a walk or jog around the block while sharing some of the things you’re feeling particularly grateful for.

Stay Well Hydrated With Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Finally, the last thing that you should aim to do to help keep your weight in check this coming holiday season is to make sure that you stay well hydrated with plenty of non-alcohol beverages.

Often people mistake thirst for hunger and eat when their body is really just craving a big glass of water. Plus, having 8-10 glasses of water each day will help to create a greater feeling of fullness in you, and can do a great job in assisting you from over-snacking.

Also be sure to avoid high calorie non-alcohol beverages as well such as Egg Nog or related holiday beverages. Try making your own healthy version, google a fun drink online and go for it.

Keep these tips in mind and you should have no problem enjoying the holidays and coming out with the same lean and healthy body that you went into them with.

Happy New Year,

Philip McCluskey

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