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Katie's been really hard at work ...

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:26pm

Katie's been really hard at work recently, more so than usual BUT earlier this week I realised that she hasn't blogged for a while, SO what's a great boss to do but add another thing to the to-do list at a time like this?!

Seriously though, I know you really enjoyed Katie's previous posts and I'm keen for her to stay connected with you all as she really is THE most important person in my working world, a HUGE asset and takes an enormous amount of strain for me when I'm up to my eyes in doing what I do and making sure that I have the time and focus to put where it matters most.

So, here's the latest from Katie, starting off with news of her first encounter with the media on Monday this week - Red magazine no less, good job! (PS: The photos look FAB!)

*   *   *   *   *   *

Katie_office Wow – what a crazy few weeks we’ve had here at HQ!!  There’s never a dull moment working with the Raw Food Coach I tell you and that’s just the way I like it....even over night, when the rest of us are getting our beauty sleep, Karen’s here beavering away and has a whole host of new things to update me with every morning!

Well, this week started like no other week I’ve had before, with a glamorous photo-shoot in London with Red Magazine for their Christmas edition (out beginning of Nov ember).  The piece is about three women who all have different eating habits at Christmas.  I was the ‘30 something’ raw foodist, experiencing my first raw Christmas and the interview delved into what I’m hoping this Christmas will be like.  To be honest the journalist rather caught me on the hop and, when asked the question – “what will you eat for Christmas lunch?”, my mind went totally blank...not very helpful at all!!  I suppose I’ve never been a great planner of meals, even before I started going raw; I like to eat what I fancy at the time and hadn’t yet given Christmas day any thought whatsoever.  So, I’m apologising to you all in advance because I’m really not sure if the first three things that popped into my head for a starter, main and dessert will actually go well together and give a great impression of eating raw and I hope I won’t leave everyone thinking “Ewe....that sounds horrible!”

The shoot itself was fun and the Red team were lovely and really looked after me well.  My problem is I’m just not good in front of the camera and feel incredibly self conscious and uncomfortable and think that every picture ever taken of me is horrendous!  Plus, I’m not a great makeup wearer....mascara and eyeliner is generally my wearing foundation, eye shadow, lippy, etc. was pretty alien and it was very weird to look at myself in the mirror once the makeup artist was done.  It was a good experience though and a valuable insight into what’s it’s like for Karen when she does this type of work.  I will leave you to judge for yourselves how you think the final picture turned out!!

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