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Kamea's Rash & Saturday's Eats

Posted Jul 24 2010 6:52pm
Kamea came down with a rash on her head, so I've taken a look at my diet to see if I'm the problem. Therefore, today I went quite bland so I can reintroduce things one at a time and see if I can figure out what's causing the problem. I can rule things out like detergent, body care products, etc. The rash is only on her head, and I'm not sure if a problem with my breastmilk would cause such a localized rash... but I'm being careful anyway. To do this, my kitchen is limited for bland raw foods currently, so I went mostly cooked today. Her rash is much better tonight.

Here is what I ate today (all organic and vegan)

Tempeh (sauteed briefly with canola oil, lime juice, and wheat free tamari)
Green Juice (cucumber, apple, celery, carrot, little bit of kale, lime)
Oats / banana
Big Salad  (romaine, red bell pepper, apple, hemp seeds, cucumber, mustard dressing)
Tempeh (same prep as above)
Baked sweet potato
Vegan Fig Newton
Hemp shake with young Thai coconut water

Anything that could have still been offensive in the list above was still in small quantities...

What do you think experienced moms?
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