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Juicing On The Road, four travel tips from the Juice Feasting Prince

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:05pm

It takes quite a commitment to start a prolonged juice feast, and can feel even more overwhelming when juicing on the road. I have been visiting a friend in NY for the past week so I have had some time to put together a game plan. It's easy to juice at home, but I don't think anybody wants to stay in one place for 92 days. The key to successful juice travel? Be Prepared!

Travel Tips:

1. Bring your own food: If you are unfamiliar with the location that you are going to, and traveling by car, purchase your produce before leaving home. Sometimes it can be hard to find good produce in a strange town, especially organic.

2. Bring your NCD Zeolite: This is especially important when traveling. And if traveling by airplane definitely up your dose. The air in an airport or on a plane is some of the worst you can expose yourself to. Be sure to take at least 15 drops before going on the plane, while on the plane, and after leaving the airport. [If you do plan on purchasing Zeolites, please consider buying from Loving Raw ]

3. Bring your Superfoods: If doing a lot of long walking, going on adventures, or dancing into the night, be sure to include some superfoods into the mix. Some fun things to try are Pure Synergy (or similar ), E3 Live (my link), Maca, Mesquite, and of course Spirulina.

4. Stay hydrated: It’s easy to get caught up in the fun and excitement of a vacation and forget to drink your water. Even though you are drinking your veggies, water is just as important. Lack of water actually increases toxicity in the body and will leave you feeling sluggish.

[Note: The links above to various products are to a diverse group of online shops. Support the courageous folks and great companies that make fantastic raw food products by buying online!]

Quick GreenStar / Champion Tip:

If you are using a GreenStar or Champion Juicer, and are tired of pouring that little cups worth of juice into your mason jar, try this quick tip. Use a wired tray to rest the end of the juicer on and let the juice fall into a big bowl underneath. This will allow you to juice a half gallon or a full gallon, without all the additional starting and stopping.


Updated Pics:

Here are a couple pictures for you. One is a picture from Day 38, the other is from when I weighed 400 lbs. Notice any difference?




Day 1 - 260.0 lbs
Day 10 - 249.4 lbs (10.6 lbs lost)
Day 17 - 244.4 lbs (5.0 lbs lost)
Day 24 – 238.6 lbs (5.8 lbs lost)
Day 31 – 234.6 lbs (4.0 lbs lost)
Day 38 – 231.5 lbs (3.1 lbs lost)

Total Weight Loss while JF: 28.5 lbs??
Total Weight Loss since raw: 168.5 lbs

Global Juice Feast:

There are only 2 days left before the Global Juice Feast begins so join the community and stay connected at and start your program today at

See you in the produce section!
Philip @ Lovingraw

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