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Juice Fasting: Starting Out

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:50pm 2 Comments

Published Sunday, December 28, 2008


Michele L. Tune

The thought of juice fasting can be a scary one. It might seem like folks are always trying to talk you out of trying it. “Oh, you need to eat!” or “You can’t live on liquid alone.” are things you might here if you mention you’re thinking of going on a juice fast.

What they don’t understand, though, is how beneficial raw juice fasts actually are. In my experience, I have slept more soundly and woke up more rested, gained better vision, thought more clearly, and I simply love how “light” and healthy I feel while juice fasting.

One thing that did surprise me is that juice fasting really becomes a spiritual experience - whatever that means to you. It’s like you’re more in tune with yourself, your goals, your dreams, your visions. I love that feeling and personally take the opportunity to pray more, reflect on my spiritual walk and absorb all the peace I can, while in that quiet, still place juice fasting brings me to.

So, how do you start a juice fast? First, you need to do a little research. What types of fruits and vegetables do you like? What are the benefits of those particular fruits and/or vegetable juices? Do you have any health issues? If so, would certain juices interfere or cause problems? For instance, if you’re a diabetic (and, I’ll tell you that it isn’t recommended for diabetics to juice fast; however, I was on diabetic medication when I started juice fasting.)

If you’re trying to control your blood sugar, and you do decide to try a short juice fast, (or even if you’re just juicing for health), focus on the dark greens: spinach, turnip, beet, etc.

I learned to listen to my body, I stayed away from too much fruit (because the fruit/fruit juice turns to sugar in your bloodstream), and I had to accept that I wasn’t physically able to do a 30- or 40-day juice fast at the beginning.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a freelance writer. Two articles I’ve written recently that will be of great benefit to you before you begin your juice fast is:

How to Prepare Your Mind for a Juice Fast


How to Prepare Your Body for a Juice Fast

With a new year fast approaching us, it’s a great time to focus on improving your health by juice fasting. It’s not necessarily a great idea to write a long list of new years’ resolutions because, let’s face it, most of us never keep them and it only makes us feel worse about ourselves. No need for negativity when 2009 can be the best year of your life!

Here’s to health!


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Is it ok to juice veggie and fruits together, and drink those for the duration of your fast?  That is what I am doing.  I am on day 5 and feel great!  I would like to make it to 40 days, but after reading what you wrote I don't know if mixing veggie and fruit is going to be good. 

Hi, Lambsvole. I just found your comment here!


I do mix fruit with my veggie juices. Like, I sometimes add half an apple to a juice conconction filled with various greens. I also sometimes add carrots to my veggie juices. (Carrots also turn to sugar in the bloodstream.)


I personally have stayed away from juicing a LOT of fruits because I was on a lot of diabetic medication. I am no longer on any diabetic medication, but maintain my blood sugar with my diet/lifestyle. Don't be afraid to mix fruits/veggies. You can make some delicious combos. I just personally don't juice tons of fruits all day, every day, while juice fasting.


Hope that helps!


How did your juice fast go?

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