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Juice Cleanse Success: How Joe Cross Went From Being Fat, Sick and Dearly Dead to Healthy, Happy and High Energy

Posted Jun 01 2012 8:27pm
Written by Tera on June 1, 2012 – -

by Tera Warner

When you think of a hero, you could think of capes and tight pants leaping over buildings in a single bound. But most of us wouldn’t really think of the quiet heroic acts required to resist the temptation of food for 60 days nor what the impact of that choice could have on a person’s life–or on the world.

Joe Cross is an Australian entrepreneur and investor who produced the film, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. He penetrated the matrix of meal time marketing, he resisted re-fried beans and denied himself donuts for 60 days while he rebooted his life and his health with juice.  Now he’s helping thousands of people around the world pick up their celery stalks and walk a path to better health and wellbeing.  He here with us today to show you how you can  reboot you health and your life with juices, and you don’t need to wait until you’re fat, sick and nearly dead to do it.

  • Why anyone can restore their health, energy and vibrant lifestyle again and how to do it!
  • Most people think Joe is the superhero of the story, but he isn’t! Find out who is and why!
  • How to preserve “the last two feet of freedom” –the distance between your hand and your mouth–and why no one needs anything pushed on them or needs to be told what to do!
  • Why Joe says they’re going to get a lot worse before they get better!
  • What are the most significant hurdles we have to overcome to ready themselves for something like this?
  • Why most people wait until they’re fat, sick and nearly dead to do something about their health and well-being.
  • How Joe’s motivations have changed since doing the Juice Cleanse and what’s driving him now

p.s. Joe’s wish for women is gonna knock yer socks off!

Starting on June 25th, we’ll begin a preparation week for a 10-Day Juice Cleanse starting up on July 1st. During this 10-Day full-support juice cleanse you’ll have the chance to get a taste of the freedom and health benefits that changed Joe’s life forever!

After that, if you’re interested in trying a longer-term cleanse/juice feast, we can direct you to some great resources to make that happen. First, start gently, get a taste of what’s possible with the support of others and in the comfort of your own home and make this your healthiest summer ever!

Early registrations are now open! Learn more here!

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