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Join Us Tonight – Life & Health Are On The Line

Posted Feb 11 2014 7:10pm

By Tera Warner

I don’t want to cramp your good vibrations on a sunny Tuesday, but there’s something I think you should know:

 7 out of 10 deaths in America are completely preventable.

Alcohol, smoking, overeating and lack of exercise are behind 70% of the deaths in the US.  75% of health care spending goes to handle these behavior-related conditions alone!

Let’s do the math on that, shall we? ;-)


The Estimated Annual Chronic Disease Price Tag in the US:

  • Cardiovascular disease: $313.8 billion
  • Cancer: $89.0 billion
  • Smoking: $96 billion
  • Diabetes: $116 billion
  • Arthritis: $80.8
  • Obesity: $61 billion
  • That’s a Grand Total of $756.6 billion and a whole lot of heartbreak for things that are largely preventable.

    Let’s feed them green smoothies!

    Let’s get them to stop drinking and smoking!!

    We can help them grow gardens, eat more vegetables!!!

    They can all get more exercise!!!!

    That’ll fix ‘em!

    Put the parsley pom poms down. ;-)

    They’re all great ideas, but they won’t work.

    Turns out that when faced with the choice of whether or not people want to change their behavior and improve their health, or die…90% will choose to die.

    90% of people would rather die than change the way they live–even when they know the way they live is killing them.

    *Thud!*  (That’s what my heart did when it hit the pit of my stomach the first time I read that.)

    Why the heck would 90% of people choose to die instead of change the way they live?

    Before you let the wind out of your green smoothie sails, you can take comfort in the fact that there are answers to those questions.

    Good answers.

    Answers that offer hope.

    Answers that explain why so much of what we see in the health and wellness sector isn’t working.

    Answers that explain why even “healthy people” are getting sick in spite of all the pesticide-free produce they’re eating.

    Answers that explain why some things work for one person and not the other.

    Tonight at 9pm Eastern, I’ll be delivering the first of three webinars designed as pre-training for our next group of Certified Coaches. We’re preparing for International expansion and in the next 12 months will be bringing 1000 new team members on board.

    We’re choosing the first team in the coming weeks, but we need to get a few things off our chlorophyll-laden chests and set the record straight before we do it.

    We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the stats and we’ve got some answers. We’ve noticed the billions being spent on preventable disease (never mind what’s spent on cosmetics, plastic surgery, food and pharmaceuticals!).

    We figure there’s a better way to live, but if we’re serious about making it happen, we need to address the 90% of the population that would rather run into a brick wall than put more broccoli in their shopping basket!

    Tonight we’re going to get down to the nitty gritty of what’s gone wrong with human health and hope and confidence and what it takes to turn things around.

    If you’d like to join us, you can register here:

    Too many bright, beautiful people are dying for reasons that can be prevented.

    We intend to do something about it and we’d love your help.

    Join us for an uncommon conversation about what it takes to tip the scales when life and health and hope are on the line. Why are so many people on a fast track to self-destruction and what does it take to turn things around?

    Find out tonight!


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