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JJ Virgin & Pete Cerqua Help You Shape Up & Slim Down for Summer

Posted Jun 18 2010 2:11pm

Greetings Gorgeous!

I’m feeling flabby from one too many hours behind this computer screen, but summer is here and it’s time to shape up and slim down for summer, so I’ve decided to do something about it.

On the WISH blog this month we’ve invited celebrity fitness coach, JJ Virgin to come and give us a boot in the right place.

JJ Virgin is known as the fitness coach and nutritionist to the stars. That’s why we wanted to bring her in to give YOU a few tips for trimming up this season. We had a fabulous interview. It started with her in the bathroom (the gardeners were making too much noise) and ended up with her wriggling about under her son’s bed doing some de-cluttering. ;-) That’s the life of multi-tasking, single-mothers and self-employed dynamos like JJ.

The shocker on this call was learning the effects of what JUST ONE NIGHT of insufficient sleep can do to pack on the pounds and cause you stress. You might think it’s all about barbells and pushups, but as you’re about to learn, there are a few other things to put on the priority list before you start busting a move to lose a few this summer.

Here are a few of the things that came up in this call:

  • Women under stress are 10-years older than their non-stressed counter parts?
  • Discover what just ONE night of insufficient sleep can do to your sleep, stress, eating habits and weight gain potential.
  • How stress can cause you to become weight loss resistant (meaning you cannot lose weight!)
  • The first thing to do to get sexy, slim arms is definitely NOT what you’d expect!

Now,  since JJ’s got tips for overall heath and a hot upper body, we decided to get Pete Cerqua to join us for a quickie.

Pete Cerqua owns and operates the 90-Second Fitness Flagship Studio in New York City . He has been helping people get stronger and lose weight since 1985. Peter is the author of the hot new best-seller The 90- Second Fitness Solution, a how-to release weight, improve mood and memory, eat and sleep better in minutes a week. We’re invited him here to inspire busy women like you to fit fitness in more easily this summer.

You’ll be able to ask him all your questions and listen in for a no-excuses fitness boot camp when you click the link here. Be sure to take note of the time of the call and we’ll catch you on Wednesday!

Next week I’m committing to getting in shape. To burst training, to squating, sitting, crunching, crawling my way to feeling tight, toned and ready for bikini season. Care to join me? There’s nothing like the power of print to put intention into action! Make your commitment below for next week’s fitness targets and join me in a flabby arm-busting, bun-loving boot camp!

Squeezin’, squatin’ and smilin’,


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