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Interview with Tim VanOrden, founder of the Running Raw Project

Posted Nov 18 2008 7:49pm


57 minutes | Download the MP3 | via iTunes

Our guest today is Tim VanOrdern. Tim is a motivational speaker, raw food coach and the founder of the Running Raw Project.

Since embarking on a raw food diet back in 2004, Tim has been traveling around the country educating thousands of people about the power of raw foods and physical fitness.

The strength in Tim's message is that his information on peak performance comes from his first hand experiences - not just some collection of books. For the last 4 years Tim has been meticulously tracking his performance and the effect that various training and food regimens have had on it. In a way Tim has literally turned his 40 year old body into a full fledged experiment by simply trying to find out what was possible.

Topics Covered

Growing Up

  • What was Tim's relationship with food like growing up?
  • What was Tim's family relationship to food like?

A New Relationship with Food

  • How did vanity play a roll in Tim's switch to a vegan diet?
  • When did Tim first hear about raw food?
  • What role did depression play in Tim's search for a better relationship with food?

Raw Revolution

  • How did a two week trail with raw foods turned into a multi-year adventure
  • What were some shifts, both emotionally and physically, that Tim noticed in his first two weeks of being raw?
  • Tim takes on the statement, "As long as it's raw it's healthy"
  • How did Tim's raw food diet change after 6 months of raw restaurant food?

Performance & Food

  • How Tim turned his body into a lab and took on every single raw food diet out there from all the authors
  • Tim's thoughts on 80/10/10 and Doug Graham's work
  • How many calories does Tim eat a day?
  • Tim's take on essential fatty acids and the roll they play to combat stress
  • Tim's recent first place wins! What's up with that Tim!?
  • Tim talks about his daily calorie intake
  • Has Tim been able to duplicate his results with other athletes who don't share his body type?
  • How did disappointment push Tim to conduct a public health experiment?

Training, Mentality & Presence

  • How has Tim's training process evolved over the years?
  • Tim talks about what it means to train fully, but still be gentle on the body
  • What does it mean to surrender to your training and be in the moment?
  • "When I'm not eating, I'm not a raw fooder... I'm just Tim"
  • How food effected Tim's ability to be present and drop un-needed thoughts
  • "I don't feel there is a raw food movement without movement"
  • Tim's take on depression and choices
  • "Raw Food is not the magic pill. What it is, is an awakening."
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