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Interview with Karen Knowler: Learn How to Eat Right for Your Personality Type and Overcome “Eating Disorders”

Posted Jun 24 2012 10:03am
Written by Tera on June 24, 2012 – -

Interview by Tera Warner

If you do not already know the woman who has positioned herself as THE world’s leading Raw Food Coach, then you’re going to love the endearing and rather intuitive Karen Knowler.

Since her youth she’s been fascinated by food and having worked with thousands of women around the world, she’s developed a structured and research-based approach to help us better understand our relationship with food.

Eat Right for Your Personality Type with Karen KnowlerKaren discovered that there are essentially 10 different food personality types, and that many of these progress in a kind of evolutionary pattern. Once you identify where you are and how you relate to food, you can start to direct your path to the next level. When you are clear on what motivates and drives you to eat, and how you relate to food, you’ll be better able to gradually, easily move toward another paradigm that suits you more.

Having coached so many women around the world, Karen’s endearing approach, love-based wisdom and years of experience are an empowering contribution to this event! You’re going to love this call, and you can access it here:

Karen KnowlerKaren Knowler is “The Raw Food Coach”, former Managing Director of The Fresh Network, the UK’s Raw and Living Foods organization, creator and former editor of Get Fresh! magazine and creator of With almost two decades of personal experience of eating a raw food diet, Karen has been teaching, writing and coaching professionally on raw foods since 1998. Owing to her ground-breaking work in the field of raw foods and human potential and dubbed “The world’s premier raw food coach”, Karen is also “trainer to the trainers” and has trained hundreds of raw food coaches and teachers worldwide.

Co-author of Feel-Good Food and author of Raw Food Made Simple, and Eat Right for Your Personality Type (published by Hay House), Karen has lectured around the world, has been seen by over 6 million viewers live on national TV, appears frequently in the national press and has coached and worked with people from all backgrounds including well-known celebrities.

Karen’s extensive knowledge and experience of all issues relating to raw food eating, working with the energy of food, and eating according to the truth of who you are and who you want to be, make her one of the most innovative, original and sought-after holistic eating experts in the world today.

Karen’s other books include: Raw Food Made Simple. You can visit Karen’s web site here.

Diva Survival Pack

This collection of easy, tasty, raw food recipes is the perfect launch pad for your healthy, new relationship with food. You don’t have to be a “raw foodist” or stop shaving your armpits to improve your health.

Simply by finding healthier, fresh replacements for heavy meals you’ve come to know and love, you’ll experience a dramatic boost in energy and overall well-being. This collection of affordable raw food recipes covers food for the whole family, from dessert, main means, special occasions, and even baby food! By ordering them all together you save bucket-loads of change you can put toward chia seeds or a fancy, new blender!

Get started with fresh food in your kitchen today!

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  1. By Rayme Pasieka on Jun 24, 2012

    I love this call!!!! Thank you Karen & Tera :) ) So great it warranted a second listen. Truly loving my plate of possibilities and thrilled that I’ve began listening to my own intuition when it comes to sustaining MY body. What it really wants right now is to start living life fully & living it well! I AM Vibrantly beautiful healthy long & strong!!! Much love & Blessings!


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