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Interview with Ani Phyo on life as a chef and how to start eating more raw food

Posted Sep 22 2008 2:39pm


Download the interview | 49 minutes

Today we catch up with Ani Phyo. Ani is the host of an award winning uncooking show on YouTube and the author of the international best-seller, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen.

Ani and her delicious raw food recipes have been featured in everything from Boing-Boing, the world's most popular blog, to the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

Topics Covered:

Life Growing Up

  • Growing Up & her relationship to food
  • Her father's experiences with raw food and mono eating
  • How she discovered gourmet raw food in San Francisco at Juliano's Raw
  • How Ani's mental alertness and energy was effected by her introduction to raw food
  • How raw food effects the process of being creative and why

Building Her Career in Raw Food

  • The story of how she became a raw food chef and transitioned out of her corporate career
  • Building the raw food community in Los Angeles with friends
  • The challenges Ani faced building her first company, Smart Monkey Foods
  • How Ani's first book synchronistically came together

Practical Raw Food Tips

  • What simple raw recipes make up Ani's daily raw food intake?
  • Ani's tips for getting the most bang for your time when it comes to making dressings, soups and pates
  • Ani's tips for keeping food handy for quick meals on the go
  • How does Ani recommend that people get started with raw food in the most gentle and fun way possible?
  • Ani explains the cause of obesity and how most people, even if they eat a lot of calories, are always starving for real nutrients
  • Her recipe for learning how to feel great on raw food... one baby step at a time
  • Ani talks about some common potholes that newbies get stuck in when increasing their raw intake
  • If people could only do one thing, what should they do?

Raw Foods and Green Living

  • Ani talks about how a raw, organic, local, seasonal diet reduces our ecological footprint
  • How Ani's kitchen produces no trash at all
  • Voting with our dollars and spending money on fresh produce vs spending money on prepared foods

Ani on Marketing and Building Community

  • Why it's important to think of your raw food business as a community building tool
  • What advice raw food chef Julio gave to Ani when she started her career
  • How sharing is an important aspect of growing
  • A sneak peak at Ani's next book
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