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International Green Smoothie Day - Green Smoothie Recipe

Posted Aug 15 2009 10:42pm
In honor of this awesome day,International Green Smoothie Day, I made a super duper, yummy in my tummy, green smoothie! It's simple. It's delicious. It's awesome. Do I need to say more???Make it and SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!

When it comes to green smoothies, it just doesn't get much easier than throwing a bunch of wonderful ingredients into the blender and letting 'er whirl. Clean up is a snap. They last a couple of days in the refrigerator if necessary. They make the perfect breakfast, an ideal snack, a unique and satisfying dessert. They fill you up so you're not hungry all the time. And, they load your body with TONS of nutrients to help you reach optimal health.They can serve so many purposes.

I LOVE how fresh and vibrant green smoothies look (the ingredients) before they're actually blended. Seeing all of the fresh produce in the blender (pre-blending) makes my cells salivate. Once they're blended, it's not always the most "pretty" result in the way of color (although in this case it actually is a beautiful green color). And, finally, once a green smoothie hits my taste buds, my cells start dancing and I'm transported to FUN LAND! (Except in this case...a nasty kohlrabi smoothie- Fun Land... NOT!)

Yummy Tummy Green Smoothie
By Kristen Suzanne
Yield 2 1/2 - 3 cups

1 cup water
15 grapes
1 orange, peeled
5 med-large strawberries
2 handfuls spinach

Give these fabulous ingredients a whirl in your blender, drink it, feel your cells dancing with
joy, and experience your tummy begging for more. :)

*Navitas Naturalswas so kind in sending me some of their Raw organic stevia to try, and I LOVE it. It's actually green because they simply dry the leaves and grind them (at low temperatures to protect the nutrients). I'm forever hooked on this stuff.
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