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INTERESTING SITE: Bueller’s Kitchen

Posted Dec 20 2008 9:07pm

I’ve been visiting lots of new (to me) sites lately.
Tonight I visited Bueller’s Kitchen, which has quite a bit of interesting information on dietary healing,
Bueller has an interesting “diet declaration”:
She says she is an “Organic Raw Alkaline Vegan Pescatarian - which means I eat only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains and occasionally fish with a focus on maintaining a healthy acid/alkaline balance as well as organic produce whenever possible.”

Wow! The names just get longer and longer. This description almost sounds like a low self-esteem fifth generation New Yorker describing her ethnicity (in which case, I would be a Scottish English Irish German French American – only I am not that way… sorry folks - American by birth, Southern by the grace of God! but I am still a New Yorker – I’ve lived here for more than 20 years now!)

Anyway, tooling around this site, I found this most interesting raw health advice:

Bueller says:
When I don’t feel good or feel “cruddy” as my friends say my pH is acidic and in the 6’s.
On days like that I work on eating only the most alkalizing meals and drink lots of lemon water.
If it’s really bad I drink at least 32 oz of fresh green juice (kale, celery, cucumber, collards, parsley, lemon).

If I’m coming down with a cold or have mucus build up,I drink a quart of orange juice with 2 lemons in it in an half an hour to restore my body’s balance. It works every time. Usually within 24 hours my pH is back up to 7 and I feel better.

Unlike other advice and other things doctors have told me to do what I like about this method is I can see firsthand if it’s working. I can actually monitor my health like one would their temperature. I do this by using pH strips. I have not been sick in over 7 months. “

She also says she has “ reversed cervical dysplasia and candida as well as got rid of high risk HPV that causes cervical cancer. As far as I’m concerned this is all the proof I need.”

This site is a good place to stop by if you are looking for nutritional healing information.

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