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Intention is Everything

Posted Jan 22 2014 7:00am

By Tera Warner


If you’re flustered, distracted, worried, tired or have your attention all over the map, while simultaneously trying to communicate, your message will NOT get across very effectively!

Despite what some people may attempt, yelling louder will not help. Raising your voice, becoming angry, frustrated and annoyed will not help, either.

Becoming fully present yourself in the communication, then being VERY clear on your intention for that communication WILL help!

When conversations are important, you’ve got to consider what you want to achieve as a result of your communication BEFORE you communicate. Your words, without the intention to support them, are just noise. Your words, your intention, your ideas and your attention all need to be aligned and fully there to have the best chance at communicating your message.

If that’s not clear, it’s kinda like steering a ship without a map.

If you approach conversations and opportunities to communicate with hesitancy, fear, worry, indecision, etc., your message will not be communicated nearly as effectively as if you arrive with a clear intention, then communicate WITH that intention palpable and intact.

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