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I'm thankful for my family...but a little nervous for dinner tomorrow

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:06pm
My Dad is visiting for the Thanksgiving Holiday and we have been having a fantastic time. I have been preparing all the delicious salads and green juices I would normally eat and my Dad has been really enjoying them. I do add some cheese and a few other cooked foods on the side for him to enjoy along with the raw foods. He is the biggest supporter of my diet he will try anything that I prepare and always loves it. Today I made a huge salad, some basil pesto and a side of raw collard greens for lunch. I showed him how to add the pesto and the salad to make a yummy wrap. He enjoyed it very much and he told me that he was going to start buying collard greens and making wraps when he got home.

 Here is a shot of my collard wraps with salad and a little raw kimchi on the side

It is so special to me that he is enjoying the raw foods I prepare for him. I just love
making my salads, cutting up my fruits and sprouting seeds. I am so relaxed and happy eating this way.
My husband too will try any raw dish I prepare and always likes them, but he still loves his cooked food best. He is eating healthier since I've gone high raw, which makes me happy.
I am not sure what will happen tomorrow it is my first Thanksgiving on my diet. We have lots of family coming over tomorrow for dinner so I'm a little nervous. My husband is brining his turkey as I write this. I am planning on making a few raw dishes to add to the potatoes and stuffing my husband will prepare. I hope nobody notices that I am not eating the cooked ones. Thanksgiving food has never been my favorite type of food; even before going raw I didn't like it very much. I don't like foods that make me feel too stuffed and too sleepy. Hopefully we will all be able to focus on being thankful for being together rather than on the food.
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