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I have been eating about 85% raw for 11 days but still have very bad sinus/mucus problems? Is there something specific i need to

Posted by jayce

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Those are very common detox symphoms. The better you have been eating, the quicker it will and. And you will feel Life flowing through you as never before...
thank you guess I just need to be more patient.
I actually have people incorparate oil pulling (swishing sesame oil in your mouth for 20 minutes) as well as a neti pot (nasal rinse).  Each individually have been amazing, while I fast, I do both oil pulling in the am on an empty stomach and the neti pot prior to bedtime..  Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey..
If you are still doing any wheat or dairy, eliminate these and see how you feel.  They are two main smoking guns with mucus.
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