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I have been a busy bee over the ...

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:28pm

cedar wood pendant.jpg

I have been a busy bee over the last few days:

At we now have wonderful fresh frozen bee pollen from Percie du Sert. It is more expensive than dried pollen but when you understand its beneficial effects and concentrated goodness it makes sense - it’s not something you need to eat a lot of - it’s a highly medicinal food. I see these foods as ways to reattune ourselves to nature and our natural selves, increasing our ability to consciously create - so that in time more of us will be in a situation to gather these foods ourselves.

We are also now stocking the full Asphalia range. This is a natural melatonin supplement, whose main ingredient is a meadow grass, festuca arundinacea, organically grown and carefully milled in the South Wales valleys. Melatonin is a hormone that in our current state we are probably all short of and this has far reaching implications. Our entire family now uses this product and we are having wonderful quality of sleep in spite of living in the middle of a town near the railway, a bypass, and numerous mobile masts (don’t be fooled by any pictures of us in the garden or countryside - we have made our garden an oasis and we get out into nature as much as possible!). Melatonin is a powerful anti-oxidant, helps prevent premature aging, is very relaxing and improves our sense of well-being. In April I personally met Roger Coghill of Coghill Laboratories who developed this product. He is very concerned about the impact of electropollution and decided to something to directly help people deal with it.

We have two more Siberian Cedar products - a cedar wood pendant and cedar wood oil. Again I and my family have noticed significant effects with these. The pendant is cut from the branch of a tree that is over 300 years old. Wearing one is noticeably helping me deal with the stress of living in the world as we currently know it…

We have Renew Me, an energising, nourishing, beautifying and detoxifying combination of E3 Blue AphaninTM, E3 Blue PhycominTM, MSM, Cayenne Pepper, Crystalloid Electrolyte Sea, Minerals and Vitamin E complex.

White mulberries have also arrived. Since ancient times, mulberries have been highly valued. They are sweet and nutritious, being high in vitamin C, iron, calcium, and protein.

The white mulberry is native to eastern and central China. They became naturalized in Europe centuries ago. They have been used medicinally for the kidneys, to alleviate weakness, fatigue and aneamia, help protect against cancer *, reverse premature greying of the hair, calm the mind and improve sleep. They and the Siberian Cedar Nuts go very well with my daughter Jasmine’s made to order Golden Crunch Cereal.

Two new herbs are available - St John’s Wort for mood and Chanca Piedra, ‘the stone breaker’ for decalcifying the body and removing stones.

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