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I can't believe I spent $41.33 at Blue Green Cafe

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:29pm

One would think that if you were a co-founder of the most amazing raw food restaurant, in the world (literally), that your other ventures would live up to that standard. Sadly, this is so far from the truth with Matthew Kenny’s Blue Green Organic Juice Café.

We at WLIR are probably one of the biggest fans of Pure Food and Wine & Pure Food and Juice. There isn’t one week that goes by when we’re not eating there. We simply love the food, atmosphere, and good conversation with the people who either work there or come to the restaurant for the same reasons we do. Naturally, I was curious, if Pure Food and Wine turned out so well how Matthew’s other spots would be, specifically Blue Gree Café. This past Saturday I sought to find out.

As my cousin and I walked into the 74th St location, we were immediately taken over by a funky, almost disgusting, smell. As we proceed inside, there was still half empty plates with trash left from previous customers (no big deal, it happens). I approached the counter and requested the employee for the best things on the menu. She recommended the Portobella Fajitas and Black Forest Pudding. To drink I asked for a simple Green Juice. I also took home two of the packaged snacks, one bar and one granola.

Firstly, except for their juices, all of their raw foods are dropped off in the morning and presented in the glass container so by the time we got there (about 3pm) the Portobella Fajitas were soggy. And I guess they knew this would happen so you manually have to put the ingredients inside and make your own concoction - the taste was semi-good. Next I tried Pudding, and I actually really enjoyed it. The green juice had a different taste to it, but when I asked if the produce was organic, the employee said it was, (a friend told me it might not be). As for the bar and granola, neither of them were really enjoyable.

As for the atmosphere, in the 25 minutes we were there, only one person had come in. A few tiny insects accompanied us though.

When comparing Blue Green Organic Juice Café with Pure Food and Juice, it plain out sucks. Not to say, if you compare it with some other raw restaurant, it might actually be tasty.

Yo, I know we're all raw and what not, but its time to turn up the heat in the name of improvement. Still... loads of respect to anyone who has the courage to do their own thing and keep it raw.

Nothing but love,


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