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How You Can Win a Spa Weekend at My House!

Posted Mar 30 2012 11:28pm
Written by Tera on March 30, 2012 – -

Spa Weekend Get-away with Tera Warner!

- by Tera Warner

At the beginning of our WISH Summit promotions, I mentioned that I will be giving away the CRAZY, never-done-before prize of a weekend retreat with yours truly to two amazing women who helped us get on board to promote the WISH Summit to their friends, family and loved ones.

Yep! Totally crazy. And so much fun!!

The impact of WISH has been so exciting. I’ve been walking down the street in major cities and actually had someone pull over in their car because they recognized my hair and stopped JUST to tell me how much they appreciate WISH.

I’ve been in a health food store on the OPPOSITE side of the planet and bumped into a woman who said, “Oh my God! I know you! You did WISH! Thank you SO much!!”

And as incredible and exciting as it is to receive all these amazing letters and emails about the women who are making the most of this experience, I can’t help but think how absolutely fabulous it would be to So what a cool idea to spend an entire weekend with a few women who all share the same thing: a deep, committed passion for wellness and a willingness to light the world on fire by sharing it with others.

See that little spec. Those are my kids coming back in the canoe!

Well, technically, all you have to do is promote! You will not win based on the number of “Fans” or “followers” you already have. You won’t win because you’re some hot shot marketing guru — in fact, I think hot shot marketing gurus are immediately disqualified. ;-)

You win because:

1. You want to win, and the idea of spending a weekend with me is something that could be a groovy thing to do.

2. You like spas, Nature, and green juice.

3. You do your very best to spread the word about WISH to as many people as you can. (We set up an easy way for you to invite a couple friends at a time.)

1. Promote.

Send people to our Tell a Friend page and start spreading the word! Tweet. Facebook. Phone up your aunt. Every time you do that, we’ll hear about it.

Maybe you’ll decide to paint a crazy banner with over the walkway above a major highway. Rent a blimp and write WISH in the sky! I dunno how you want to spread the word about WISH and it doesn’t matter. Maybe you and Ellen Degeneres are best friends and you tell her all about it! Doesn’t matter!

Whatever you do, just do it with love and wild abandon! Do it because you actually believe in WISH and want to help it touch the lives of other women around the world!

Women's International Summit for Health

2. Tell us about it!

Naturally, if you do something that makes the evening news, we’ll hear about it, but just to make sure we know what you’re doing, then we’d love you to c’mon over and tell us what you’re doing to spread the word about WISH by posting a comment in THIS blog post (with a link back to your tweet or share or whatever)!


It is VERY important that your comment contain the following things if you want to be considered for winning:

A. Tell us about what you’ve done to spread the word about WISH?

B. Tell us, why you?

Please tell us why you would like to win a weekend retreat with me! There’s no right answer, but we just gotta know you want to and what you want to get out of it. I mean, it would suck if you won and you didn’t even want to come, right? ;-)

C. Tell us YOUR WISH for Women!

That’s right. The classic question will finally be turned on YOU! Tell us YOUR WISH for Women! We’d love to know!!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to promote WISH in a number of ways, please leave one main comment, then a reply to your initial comment detailing anything extra you’ve done! This way, it will help us keep better track of who’s done what!  Thanks!!! :-)

Tera's house on the lake. This is NOT a professional / education / iron your shirt and wear high heels weekend! (Although, we could go out on the town one night if we want to.) Honestly, I’d just love to have a few cool kittens come and spend the weekend in what I consider to be one of the most sacred, inspiring and beautiful places I’ve ever been. It’s the place I call home. I’d love to go for long walks, have long talks, eat bucket loads of chocolate and green juice and then spend the afternoons soaking our toes at some of the local spas.

If this sounds like your kinda weekend, then I’d love to have you come and play!

**Limitations and Travel** In order to keep this fair and not be swayed by the geographical location of our participants, I won’t be paying for airfare. You have to get your beautiful buns to the Montreal Trudeau airport, on a Friday afternoon or evening. From there, I’ll look after you and bring you back in my little blueberry car to the airport some time Monday. (Depending on your flight schedule!)
We’d like this event to happen on a merry weekend in May and once we have chosen our winners, will get in touch and find out what works best for everyone!

Ready?  Set.  GO!!!


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  1. By Amanda Johnson on Apr 2, 2012

    I have been sharing on facebook (mandy johnson) and on Twitter (mandy karagianis). I work in a college library and I have posted information about the website on our board (IF I can find my cmaera cord, I will send you a picture of our board to show you).
    As much as I would like to win the weekend with you, I am passionate about the natural ways of living and am in need of raw cooking help! I am entering hoping I can win the weekend for my mother. My mom could really use a spa weekend. Her mother (my grandmother) is in the beginning stages of Alzheimers and will be moving in with her in a week. Last week her boyfriend of 6 years broke up with her and started dating her friend. Also her now ex boyfriend is the brother of her BEST friend. So my poor mother is feeling stressed and betrayed and could really really use some reconnecting and pampering! Thank you


  2. By emmy on Apr 2, 2012

    Hi!! I email my friends about it whenever a call seems relevant to me. so far i’ve shared with about 5 friends in the form of ‘what i learned’ and a link to the site. but i also just did a facebook blast (for this contest, but also to see who out of my friends is already listening to it :)

    I want to win because i want another excuse to go to montreal! I have a friend who lives there who would give me his typewriter if i came to montreal :P But i also love everything you do and feel like our relationship is quite one-sided. I have a 1.5 year old who would be coming with me (i’m also a single momma) and he’d probably love your kids. I live with my mom who likes white rice and cream cheese, so my raw journey has been a struggle of compromises and picking my battles. WHY else?!? I wanna be your frie~nd


  3. By Margaret Plouff on Apr 3, 2012

    Hello Tera:)!

    The Wish Summit is something I’ve been excited about since it’s beginning!!! I share Wish everywhere I go, my home town of Glenview, my daughter, my boyfriend and all their friends know all about you by now:)
    -emailed my network of wonderful girlfriends and colleagues in March and continue the conversation
    -facebooked from my personal and business (FocusedWisdom)
    - put You and Wish on my website (
    -walk into work at The Wellness Shoppe daily and recap the talk from previous evening
    -suggest it to my clients as part of their healing protocol!
    -I’m having a Wish Party at my home next Tues, want to come?:)
    -write Wish Summit link on my cards or scraps of paper and give to women
    -I’m including You and Wish on my newsletter which You have inspired me to create!

    Why Me?:) Well, Tera, You and Wish have been integral to my own personal transformation. Your own story intrigues me and would just love to hang out with a woman who has inspired me sooooo much and hear more!!! The Wish is a gift of a wealth of knowledge and rich gems that I do pass along to all these wonderful women I have the pleasure of meeting these days. Love my green smoothies, long walks are my dmo, and nature, well, it just turns on all my senses!!! Spas, ahhhhh…… (my sweet boyfriend actually calls You and I “two peas in a pod!”)

    My Wish for Women: wow, I can’t believe I’m asked this question too! It’s easy to write this when I think of what I would tell my 14 year old daughter….. I Wish that each and every woman find her voice and share all that glorious wisdom they possess with one another. All women to be heard! I Wish women to be open to express themselves freely at all ages and that we continually support one another along our journeys. Let’s compliment one another and encourage one another in our endeavors, and lead with our oh so powerful hearts! And let’s lead with our hearts with the men in our lives as well. Somehow, in our hectic day to day living, find some space to be quiet and allow your heart energy to come out and shine. Be kind, but say what you need to say:)


  4. By Madeline M. Smith on Apr 3, 2012

    Dearest Tera,

    Odes of gratitude to my mama for turning me on to WISH last year. I have shared with friends both years via email, facebook, twitter, in person… some are ready to hear the messages, some are not. It is my purpose to be the inspiration and allow myself to be vulnerable. My family is full of sick people and since I am significantly younger, most of them do not want to hear my truths. I am striving to graciously set the example… its definitely challenging at times!!! Making the best with what I have and grateful on a daily basis that I am where I am and have been where I’ve been.

    The conversations I have gained from WISH are priceless, absolutely priceless. It’s never too soon (or too late!) to wake up and start living! Thank you for bringing together a community, a sisterhood, a conversation about all the amazing range of topics for sheer wellness. THANK YOU.

    I would love an escaping weekend, (because that’s what you do at the spa, right? Escape?) surrounded by utter beauty and simplicity. Greens, browns, blues and yellows… and of course, oranges and reds too!!

    My wish for women is to create an understanding of acceptance and tolerance. Revive the sisterhood and truthful praise! We’re on the same team, ladies!!! What ever happened to “Chicks over dicks??!!” Excuse my foul mouth.



  5. By Kasi S. on Apr 3, 2012

    Oh my! I would be so thrilled to win this. I have listened to and loved all three years of WISH so far and I’m sure some of my friends are sick of hearing me rave about it. I’ve emailed friends and family about it and spoken with lots of them in person too. More in another comment, as requested. :)

    Why me? Well, I’m not going to focus on why me *instead* of someone else, because I am sure there are so many deserving, enthusiastic women who would love to win this. I would love this opportunity because I have been deeply inspired and moved by your virtual presence (blog, newsletters, summits, etc.) for several years now and meeting you in person would be such a treat! You are such a fierce, beautiful, powerful, presence and I would love to give you a great big hug. Plus, I would love to see the new home you have raved about – it sounds like my idea of heaven!

    My wish for women – I’ve asked myself this so many times over the last three years! Here goes…

    My wish for women is that we learn to step into our power and inhabit our sacred beauty and balance; that we remember that peaceful, powerful feeling, both thrilling and humbling, joyous and simple, and bring that to our every interaction; that we share our Light with the world in every way, and forgive ourselves and others for human failings and imperfection. Share your goddess-given gifts, ladies! Find your personal Light, feed your sacred internal Fire, and let it shine, shine, shine!

    Regardless – thank YOU Tera, for this wonderful creation of yours, and for letting YOUR Light shine so brightly!


    Reply by Kasi S. on April 3rd, 2012

    I have also posted on FB:


    Reply by Kasi S. on April 3rd, 2012

    And on Twitter as @ravenlion.


  6. By Genevieve on Apr 3, 2012

    So far I’ve shared WISH on 2 private Facebook groups (300 peeps) as well as my Herbalist Genevieve FB page, and on my personal page I shared Tom Cronin’s interview. More to come…

    I’ll also get back with my full entry tomorrow, getting late and my brain is gone to bed without me!!


    Reply by Genevieve on April 3rd, 2012

    oh here are my FB links


    Reply by Genevieve on April 4th, 2012

    Shared another interview here:

    Tweeted it here:

    and shared the link on the family community center here

    Feel a bit limited with my sharing options living in quebec I’m mostly surrounded by french speaking beings!


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