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How Toxic Are You? Take This Toxicity Assessment To Find Out!

Posted Jan 24 2009 5:27pm

Take This Toxicity Self-Assessment

Rate each of the following symptoms based upon your

health profile for the past 30 days.

Point Scale:
0 = never or almost never have the symptom
1 = occasionally have the symptoms, effect is not severe
2 = occasionally have it, is severe
3 = frequently have it, effect is not severe
4 = frequently have it, effect is severe

Your Current State:
___ Nausea or vomiting
___Belching, passing gas
___Bloated feeling
____ TOTAL

___Itchy ears
___Ear aches, ear infection
___Drainage from ears
___Ringing in ears
___Hearing loss
____ TOTAL
___Mood swings
___Anxiety, fear, nervousness
___Anger, irritability

___Fatigue, sluggishness
___Apathy, lethargy
____ TOTAL

___Watery, itchy eyes
___Swollen, reddened, or sticky eyelids
___Dark circles under eyes
___Blurred/Tunnel vision
____ TOTAL


___Skipped heartbeats
___Rapid heartbeats
___Chest pain

___Pain or aches in joints
___Stiffness, limited movement
___Pain, aches in muscles
___Weakness or tiredness in joints

___Chest congestion
___Asthma, bronchitis
___Shortness of breath
___Difficulty breathing

___Poor memory
___Poor concentration
___Poor coordination
___Difficulty making decisions
___Slurred speech
___Learning disabilities”

___Chronic coughing
___Gagging, frequent need to clear throat
___Sore throat, hoarseness
___Swollen or discolored tongue, gums, or lips
___Canker sores

___Stuffy nose
___Sinus problems
___Hay fever
___Sneezing attack
___Excessive mucus

___Hives, rashes, dry skin
___Hair loss
___Flushing or hot flashes
___Excessive sweating

___Binge eating/drinking
___Craving certain foods
___Excessive weight
___Compulsive eating
___Water retention

___Frequent Illness
___Frequent or urgent need to urinate
___Genital itch, discharge


Overall Score Tabulation:

Add up the numbers to arrive at a total for each section and then add the totals for each section to arrive at the grand total.
Above 50:  Severe toxicity! You should definitely do the 90 Day Detox program then invest in a 15 minute consultation with Dr. Tel-Oren to assess which specific health conditions most need to be addressed and what additional tests and actions may be necessary for your condition.

Above 15-49  is moderately toxic. People with moderate levels of toxicity should definitely do the 90 Day Detoxification Program, but this should be sufficient to getting them on the right path without additional preventional help and eliminating significant toxic accumulation in the body. Although, if there are lingering symptoms despite improvements, one may wish to follow up with specific details through consultation with Dr. T.

Below 14  is Lox Toxicity. Even though your condition is mild you can still benefit from the detox because it can PREVENT diseases, not just treat or improve them. Since it is possible to have low level symptoms in the face of severe toxic accumulation, and it is possible even to harbor severe illness without any symptoms (example, a person can have a severe diagnosis only a couple weeks after a “healthy” check up) it’s important to be aware of toxic exposure at work and at home, and still strongly recommended that everyone undergo a detoxification program.

Sign Up for the 90 Day Deep Tissue Detox HERE!

Registrations close on February 1st!

Stay tuned for an open-invitation Q&A teleseminar about this program and more of your questions answered on the blog!

Medical Disclaimer:
Information on this website and within any of its programs is provided for general educational purposes only and is not intended to constitute 1. Medical advice or counseling II. The practice of medicine including psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy or the provision of health care diagnosis or treatment, III. The creation of a physician patient or clinical relationship, or IV an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any third party product or service by the sponsor or any of the sponsor’s affiliates, agents, employees, consultants or service providers. For more information, please see our privacy policy and terms of use. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your health care provider promptly.

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