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How to Support Yourself Externally As You Experience Raw Turbulence

Posted Sep 03 2010 12:00am

In last week's article we looked at how to support yourself emotionally as you transition cellularly and spiritually to a life lived on raw. This week it's time to turn our attention to how to support yourself in the outside world as you go through your journey of raw transformation.

First of all, to set the scene: At a certain stage in the raw food journey - usually pretty early on - the emotional stuff starts to rise up. As the fog of years of less-than-great eating/living lifts we start to see life, and ourselves, differently. Sometimes very differently. This is so common that I don't know that I've ever not heard someone talk about "a fog lifting that I didn't even know was there", so it's certainly a very real phenomenon, and when it happens it's as if our whole world is starting to be rocked.

As this occurs we start to view things differently about ourselves and our life, and to question things we never questioned before. These questions can range from the most basic around what to eat or drink through to questioning our own identity, our reason for being here and where we are going in life - and beyond! It's not a coincidence that most raw foodies will be reading a raw food book one minute and a self-help book the next.

The main issue we find, however, is that the raw food shifts are so unique and food-specific that most self-help books can help on one level but not on many others and so it is that we have to piece together how to move forward with this inner turbulence on our own.

And of course, when it comes to navigating the outside world when your inner world is rocking and rolling around, well, let's just say it's far from a walk in the park!

Last week we discussed what's going on on the inside. It's how to navigate people, work, home life and other external circumstances that also have to be addressed if we are to stay sane and make the transition as it needs to be made. Unless we are squirreled away and living like a hermit then just about every day of our lives we are going to come into contact with people and situations that do one of two things: Support our inner journey, or make us realise or feel certain things that are not so harmonious and make us yearn for change.

As we go on this journey inside and out it becomes a necessity to ascertain the answers to the following questions:

* Who am I really?
* What do I really want?
* Is my life/partner/job/home/[fill in the blank] making me happy?
* If my life matters (which it does), then what am I going to do with it and why?

For some people these questions present themselves clearly, although it may take years to answer them if there is a lot of avoidance going on. For others, the resistance to change usually means that these questions are never crystallised as clear, to-be-seriously-addressed questions, but the same underlying awarenesses are there bubbling away in the background anyway, so often a lot of frustration with life and self can ensue.

My advice to you if you're going through this is to:

  1. Take time to answer the above questions. You may not have all the answers yet, but you certainly have some answers that you can bring to a piece of paper or at the very least your full consciousness (- journaling about these things is my number one recommendation, it will make all the difference).
  2. Make your own happiness and your attainment of the answers to these questions your top personal priority. Spend time with yourself, allow the truth of who you are and what you want to float up to the top so you can see it, immerse yourself in it and enjoy it.
  3. Create a special just-for-you oasis in your home where you can be still and "know thyself". This will become imperative at certain points in your journey, especially when you start doubting yourself or the journey, or doubt that you have it in you to eat raw or do this "work".
  4. Be kind to yourself in word and deed as you wrangle with old and new beliefs, thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Stay on your own side, no matter what.
  5. In the outside world do all you can to respect who you are and who you are becoming. Don't be afraid to say no to things you don't want to do. Take yourself to places you really want to go. Make friends with people you'd really love to spend time with. Allow yourself to dream - often - about the life you really want to live, and let yourself have it. Invest in a guide, mentor, coach, teacher, book, resource or whatever is the best fit for your particular needs at each stage of the journey so you can pro-actively and joyfully move towards being who you were born to be and living the life you really want to live.
  6. With your diet, keep it as clean and whole as possible. Even when you struggle to eat raw for practical or emotional reasons, eat the healthiest and most fresh/clean cooked food you can find. Keep your body clean and your vibration up by eating clean, alive and "just enough". When you fill your body up with too much of anything - food, thoughts, emotion, drama - there is no room left for the magic to occur. Do the same in your outer life as you do in your body and you will create the space you need for the magic to occur. When you do this, Spirit/God/the Universe will have the space to reach you and you'll be able to hear it and feel it and tap into the most powerful source of everything that exists.
  7. And finally, if any area of your life/experience is becoming painful, take time to look at that before rejecting it. Is it an opportunity to grow and let go of limitation or is it simply toxic and damaging to your soul? If it's the former, keep breathing and move into it, there's gold out the other side. If it's the latter, let it go, choose something else that feels wonderful to you (nothing less will do) - displacement is the fastest and most effective way of moving on with joy and ease.

I hope these tips have been useful to you, they certainly will make all the difference. If you are going through this right now then you'll know that you can use each and every one of these suggestions to support you and keep you on purpose. You just have to know and live as if you are worth it.

The journey you are on is truly like no other - when you marry a pure physical body with a sincere spiritual body, you have set the scene for pure magic. Now you have to learn how to work with a whole new way of living and being in the world that will, if you let it, allow you to live a life most extRAWdinary.

I'll see you on the path : )

© 2010 Karen Knowler WOULD YOU LIKE TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE OR ON YOUR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it: Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach publishes "Successfully Raw" - a free weekly eZine for raw food lovers everywhere. If you're ready to look good, feel great and create a raw life you love get your FREE tips, tools and recipes now at

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