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How to stop global warming? Eat a raw vegetarian or vegan diet!

Posted Aug 24 2008 6:39pm 3 Comments

Our meat and milk industry contribute highly to the global warming.

Is there something we can personally do about this?

Yes, adopt a vegetarian or even better a vegan lifestyle.

Watch these videos and learn why a vegan diet is more important now, than ever before in history.

It can save our planet and stop the intense suffering of animals in our meat and dairy industry.

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Plz make it more clear that how diary products and meat are causing global warming?


I have a post about this topic that you might be interested in. I agree with you that diet choices are connected to global warming.

Today I read an interesting post about the relation between vegetarianism and global warming: "Time Magazine recently published a global warming survival guide that included a tip we’ve been preaching for years: Skip The Steak!". The post and the article from Time Magazine are here:
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