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How to Make Your Diet and Lifestyle Choices Stick!

Posted Sep 05 2012 6:48am

Written by Tera on September 5, 2012 – -

by Tera Warner

As part of my preparations for releasing my upcoming book, Slurp! The Nutritional Revolution That Fits in a Straw I’ve been sharing excerpts and chapters recently on the blog. This section on why your diet and lifestyle changes don’t always stick is an important pre-cursor to the whole book and is loaded with practical exercises that really bring the message home! Hope you find these ideas helpful! Stay tuned for more exercises and excerpts on the blog!

There’s a law, a sort of universal principle which states that before you can change anything, you must first be able to comfortably face it and see it for what it is.

That’s why wearing baggy sweat pants and avoiding your body or hiding yourself from yourself will make the path to slim thighs a lot longer to travel. That’s why avoiding things never really makes them go away.

You cannot change the things you are not willing to comfortably face.

We can apply this to any area of life–bills, taxes, clutter, unhappy relationships, a frustrating work situation and it will be just as valid.

When you look out at your life, look down at your thighs or look deep into the cookie crumbed cupboards of your kitchen, how do you feel?

If you sense a feeling of withdrawal, like you want to hide, avoid, deny or just pretend things are different, then chances are good that before you can make changes stick, you’re going to need to get comfortable seeing what’s there for what it is.

Let’s take food as an example. ;-)

Before you can consider changing your menu or making any significant adjustments to your diet, stop and take a few moments to reflect on some of the choices you’re making about your food.

What do you eat? The dips and nibbles and night time snacks when no one is looking count, too. (In fact, those count as double!) Many of us who have struggled in our relationship with food keep our social graces and discipline in tact when others are around, but as soon as we’re alone, the leash is off and we’re  jamming the pipes with whatever we can get our hands on!

Hiding them, denying them, avoiding them, regretting them, feeling guilty about them or trying to hastily shove your current habits and choices away with the promise of some newer, better calorie-counting miracle formula won’t work.

You’ve got to start from a place of comfortable observation.

You’ve got to give your current choices and conditions a good, long look in the eye, understand a few things about them, and then you will begin to claim the power to change them. Anything else is likely to keep you stuck on an eternal weight loss and diet roller coaster in an obsessive, compulsive, repulsive relationship with your food, your body image and consequently your confidence.

It is possible to feel confident and comfortable with your food choices and the health and size of your body.

It is possible to achieve the level of wellness you’re looking and hoping for.

It is possible to completely turn things around even if you’ve never been able to do so until now.

But one thing is certain

…it all starts with honestly addressing where you are right now and compassionately seeing your situation for what it is.

In my upcoming book, Slurp! The Nutritional Revolution That Fits in a Straw I’ve included loads of practical exercises to help you make lasting lifestyle changes to your diet and health and to free you from a roller coaster relationship with food and body image.

In Slurp! we take a nitty gritty look at what you’re eating and at what’s eating you. Not with the intention to pick it apart, judge your choices or do anything other than honestly see things for what they are. Because only then do you start to become able to make lasting changes to your food choices or lifestyle. Stay tuned for more excerpts from the book and exercises to be posted on the blog. In the meantime, here’s to the courage to look your tigers in the eye with love!

Share with me what you’d like to make stick as part of your healthy commitment to diet, exercise and bettering your life in general and you could win a one-on-one consultation with me! That’s right! All you have to do is spill it out! Let me know what you’d like to make stick in your life and next week I’ll comment below and let you know who the winner is! We’re going to be upping the games and adventures around here, so stay tuned and watch for more action-packed and interactive blog posts!

Smooch you soon…


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  1. By Yogamomma on Sep 10, 2012

    I would like to stick to an earlier bedtime. I notice when I get enough sleep that most complaints I have vanish. I have enough energy to get things done, I make better food choices, and I am happier and more pleasant to be around. My husband and 3 daughters (9,6,&1), whom I am homeschooling would appreciate it. And if I can have two things, getting the whole family to drink more water has been an area where we need more “stickiness”. ;)


  2. By helen on Sep 10, 2012

    I would really…really like for my actions to stick like glue to my beliefs in good nutrition.
    I know the ‘talk’…I understand the ‘talk’…I believe the ‘talk’–Why can’t I just ‘walk’.
    Ya know what I mean?



  3. By Iulia on Sep 11, 2012

    Only raw bread! (No pretzels, chips, or cooked bread!)


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