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How to Kick Chronic Migraines – A Body Enlightenment Success Story

Posted Sep 04 2012 9:12am

Written by Tera on September 4, 2012 – -


by Kirstie Smallman

“I had been in a bad migraine cycle for about 6 months…and I haven’t had [one] since day 2 of the Body Enlightenment program.” Meet Penny, a Body Enlightenment Original  participant who tells her story of chronic migraines, high blood pressure, yo-yo weight loss issues and the start of self-healing during Body Enlightenment’s 30 Day holistic lifestyle makeover.
Having just completed our most recent 30 Day Body Enlightenment Original program, and she has generously shared her moving story of healing and growth.

“I had my first migraine at the age of 8. I remember my mom putting me in the bathtub because it was cool, giving me a cold wash cloth, turning off the lights, and closing the door.  She told me to stay there until I felt better. I’ve had them ever since. I have had high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate since my mid 20’s. The blood pressure goes up and down with my weight, and I’ve been on meds steadily for about 10 years. The migraines and blood pressure, so I’ve been told, are “hereditary and I have to live with them and control them with meds.

I have also suffered with bouts of depression since I was a child. This past year the doctor put me on more meds, and I’ve seen relief and the ‘fog’ lift, but my weight has sky rocketed to a very unhealthy point. I’m a tiny person (4’10”) and my highest weight was 189 lbs.  I’ve suspected for years that all of it is related, and if I could just find balance, I could beat all this naturally.

Both my parents have horrible health, and have become old before their time. Watching them made me realize I don’t want to face a life of migraines, high blood pressure, clotting issues, multiple sclerosis, obesity, depression, diabetes, and arthritis.  I want to be healthy and happy. I want to break the cycle, and I want to show my brother that we don’t have to go down the same path.

I had been in a bad migraine cycle for about 6 months. This happens every few years. Three months in a row I had to call in sick for work.  I have an understanding boss but I could not let this continue. It all snowballed sometime around the holidays last year.  By February I had hit rock bottom, with migraines, depression, life in general, and I needed a plan to dig out.

I have been reading about nutrition for years. I’ve failed at a number of weight loss programs and my mother once asked, “Why are you doing THAT again, you always fail!”  So I went into those programs with just that mind set, and of course, I failed. As a result, I stopped doing programs and decided to focus on good nutrition. I wanted to learn why what I was eating was making me fat, how it was impacting my health, and explore non-traditional options. Most of the time, I became obsessed with the food part, and nothing lasted for long.”

“A raw food friend of mine had a link on her blog which referenced Tera’s blog, and for reasons I don’t really know or understand, I was drawn to it. I started following Tera, ordered some books, and liked what I saw. When BE came about, I found it intriguing – it was the FIRST program I’d ever seen that worked every aspect of our lives, not just the food.  Of course I understand now, it’s not a program so much as a life path.

I noticed some interesting changes over the 30 days. 

First, I was sweating less!  I used to break out in crazy sweats for no good reason, and suddenly that stopped!  Second, I haven’t had a migraine since day 2 of the program. I did the 24-hour water fast, had a slight headache that night, and have not had another since.

My monthly time used to be all over the board and I’d never know when it would arrive (I even downloaded a tracking app!). This month, it arrived on Day 28 of my cycle for the first time in many years. On that day I felt a twinge of a headache, recognized it, took some Excedrin, and realized a few hours later that the migraine never arrived! The only PMS I experienced was what I call “the crazy hungries.” I ate. I ate A LOT! 

BE Original also coincided with the busiest month of work I’ve had all year, and even my co-workers commented that I didn’t lose my mind or snap at anyone.

I’m ecstatic and a true believer now.”

“The online support and Facebook group are great tools. Those who posted on FB daily really made a difference. None of us were perfect, and it was nice to see that! I didn’t have to actually “face” anyone on a bad day. To be anonymous sometimes gives me courage to push through.

The materials are amazing! I printed every single page and put them into a binder with 8 tabs to separate those areas I wanted easy access to. I also have all of the calls downloaded, so I can tune in any time I need a little extra oomph. The materials really made a difference, and I looked forward every morning to my daily email.

The recipe section is so big! It is all written with loving kindness which really allows Tera’s essence and dedication to show.

In the immortal words of Nike, “Just Do It!”  Commit to 30 days.

If I can do it, anyone can.

It’s not as hard as I convinced myself it would be! I decided right away to be 80% raw, which in my mind made it easy to have something like a few pieces of sushi, or a few pieces of shrimp or a little rice and black beans. Commit to making the time. Time is my biggest enemy, and I haven’t found the secret yet, but you can trade TV time or internet time for meal preparation. I prep a week or two of “take-to-work-food” at a time so that I don’t have to figure it out in the mornings (greens, cherry tomatoes, avocado, grapes, carrots, nuts and seeds, etc.). I bag them up and store them in the fridge. [photo]

Use the meal planner; it can really help those of us who eat on the fly to think before we start shoveling in whatever is handy. Lastly, read through all the materials and use the tools provided.  They are there to help, guide and inspire you. The lasting change is well worth it! I personally plan to spend the next 60 days reinforcing food and delving more deeply into the other areas of the program. I made a 90 day commitment to myself, and I plan to do it.”

The Body Enlightenment program is designed to rescue women (and a few courageous men) from a roller coaster relationship with their body, their health, their self-image and interest in life. The core program is based on 5 pillars; fresh food and fitness (naturally), beauty, personal organization and attitude. By addressing any one area we know we can completely transform the way a person looks and feels about her body and her level of confidence and productivity. When these change, we find she effortlessly starts choosing the foods and friends and healthy lifestyle habits that support her in making permanent lifestyle changes.

The next 30 Day Body Enlightenment Original program starts on September 30th. Get started now with preparatory exercises and additional bonus interviews for early registrations. 

 Tell Us About You?

If you have a story to share about some health or lifestyle improvement you’ve had by switching to a plant-based, whole foods or high raw diet, please let us know below! We’d love to hear your story and feature YOU in our next superstar spotlight on the blog!

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