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How to Heal Blemishes, Acne, Skin Discoloration and Scars Naturally

Posted Mar 06 2012 1:41pm
Written by Tera on March 6, 2012 – -

- by Nadine Artemis

The following is an excerpt from a recorded conversation that I did with Nadine Artemis about natural beauty. In preparation for our upcoming 30-Day BE Beauty Makeover starting, we thought you might appreciate a few renegade beauty tips for zit-busting, scar-soothing and other delicate matters of the skin.

“When it comes to scars, new or old, especially if they’re on the face, we want to clear up and prevent the formation of keloids. Essential oils actually can heal old scars and new scars. If you have a new scar and, let’s say you’ve had a mole removed, or had a surgery of some kind,  essential oils are really amazing for this.

natural skincare“For the past four or five years, a lot of work has been done on various anti-cancer, anti-tumorous oils.  Essential oils like frankincense and sandalwood are very good at inhibiting the malevolent pathways of the skin cell.  Which means they can stop a skin cell that thinks it wants to go down a cancerous path and turn it into a healthy, normal cell.  That’s pretty exciting.

You could apply essential oils directly to an area of your skin that you want to heal. If you’ve had surgery in that area and had a little thing removed, then post surgery you could apply the frankincense and sandalwood undiluted for a couple of days until the skin is dried and healed up. so that there’s no more incision.

Then after that has healed, you will want to move to a concentrated dilution of about 50/50–one drop of frankincense to one drop of jojoba or virgin coconut oil.  That will heal the scar and prevent any of the thick keloid from forming. That’s something you can do for other scars as well.  You could just work with lavender, frankincense or immortelle.  I also have that blend call dew dab, which has all of those in it and is anointing the face.

As for old scars, you’re doing the same thing except you’re missing that initial stage of putting the essential oils on undiluted.  You’ll just want do like the 50/50 dilution, and that starts breaking down the keloid and getting the skin softer and it’s cells regenerating.  It’s bringing new life force to that area.

If you want to do an old scar, you want to just dilute it a tiny bit with just a squirt of something.  But it was made to also put on undiluted.  Cause sometimes, also if you wake up, you know in the morning and you’re like, “What grew on my face in the middle of the night?”

When I first started doing infrared saunas I would get these like strange like just one off like little things.  I’d see it when I woke up the next day.  And I think it’s just par the detoxing.  But I was like, ‘Oh.;  So that’s what you use the dew dab for.  But sometimes you want to use it diluted just depending on what’s going on on your face.  When you want to dry little pimples and blemishes out, that’s when you use Dew Dab.

natural skincare“Which also reminds me of the skin condition – which I can’t remember.  Is it Melasma?  When you get the discoloring that’s sort of brown on the facd, and it’s often hormonal, or sometimes women get it during pregnancy.  Many women think their skin’ okay, but then the sun comes out and they start getting these browner patches on their face. I can’t remember the exact term.  It’s like a hormonal patch thing.  It starts with an M.  But if you have it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  I’ve answered a lot of questions about that this year.  So definitely you want to block that if you’re in the sun with zinc oxide, cause you don’t want to get sun on that patch!!

A lot of women have had good results with the Dew Dab.  So I just wanted to let people know that.  Cause it’s not too fun if you have a brown patch on your face.  It takes like two or three months to see it fading, but that’s what’s happening for a lot of people.   Of course, when there is a hormonal condition behind it, you would have to sort out what the situation was about and why it occurred in the first place.”

To learn more about the healthy things to put on your skin and understand where you pimples and wrinkles and warts are coming from, join us for the upcoming 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover with Nadine Artemis and I. It’s starting up soon and is guaranteed to teach you everything you want to know about beauty that is WAY more than skin deep!

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  1. By sherri on Mar 7, 2012

    Is there anything that can heal stretch marks??


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