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How to Feel Beautiful After Baby

Posted Apr 08 2013 10:03am

natural pregnancy, postpartum body, Ashley Knight, natural parenting

by Ashley Knight

Today it is difficult being a woman. Images of the “perfect” body bombard our media resources.  If you don’t get it on the TV you get it at the checkout line in the grocery store. As if having a baby isn’t hard enough you then have to deal with images everywhere of those “perfect” bodies looking “perfect” just after having a baby.  Are they airbrushed? Do they eat? And the biggest question is, why can’t I look like that?!

new mother, postpartum body, babymoon, natural parenting, natural pregnancy
New mothers should not have to feel like they need to look like these images of “perfection”. They should be basking in the glow of new motherhood and enjoying every minute of light they just brought into this world and not having any self doubt and pressure to be looking as good if not better than they did before they had the baby.

We need to focus on the fact that we are all warriors! Giving birth to a beautiful baby and spending 9; well let’s face it really 10 months carrying him/her in the amazing temple that is the woman’s body!  You might have some love tugs here and there but look at what you have in your arms or lying beside you.  A beautiful baby and he/she is a direct reflection of just how beautiful you are.  Give yourself a break because you are a warrior, a goddess.  Look at yourself in the mirror and notice all the amazing things about your body, love every curve.  Once you get adjusted to motherhood, whether it is the first time or tenth time you have plenty of time to get back into shape.

babywearing, natural parenting, natural pregnancy, postpartum body, babymoon Instead of looking to the media on how we should look lets look to each other.  Talk with other moms about eating right; go for walks together. By being around other moms we can help each other out and keep ourselves from going to the negative, because we are all going through it.  Will your body ever be the same? No. But there are ways to make you feel great and look great.

  • Eat right! Focus on a nourishing your body with real foods.
  • Breastfeeding! By breastfeeding your baby you can burn up to 500 calories!
  • Wear your baby! Carrying around your baby when you go for walks, do housework, or even do squats while the baby is fast asleep.
  • These are great hassle free ways to keep your body fat down and get you toned.  These are also ways that you can be with your baby and not stress out about when and how you are going to work out.  Remember mommas, you are beautiful and amazing! Give yourself a break and love yourself.

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    Have any experience to share with other women on feeling beautiful after baby? Questions about postpartum body and health? Leave a comment below!

    Ashley fell in love with healthy living and nutrition while struggling with infertility for 3 ½ years.  With research and diet adjustments she finally got pregnant.  Ashley has left her former career path and is fully committed to living a more sustainable life and hopes to inspire others.  Read more about Ashley and her family’s adventures at

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