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How One Woman Overcame Her Late Night Sugar Cravings Using EFT

Posted Feb 16 2012 12:08pm
Written by Tera on February 16, 2012 – -

- by Tera Warner

I admit that when Rebecca Johnson, my new roommate, showed up at my door several weeks ago, I knew she was an “EFT Master” and expert, but I figured I had self-help tools coming out my nose, and wouldn’t need her healing techniques.

But then it happened…

I was sitting at the kitchen table, feeling like a total crust bag, when I boldly declared, ”Even though I feel like a total stress bag, I deeply and completely love myself anyway.”  I was just sort of playing the part, and was making light of my mood, but before I knew what happened, Rebecca chimed in with some fancy phrases, and within minutes I was a pile of giggles and smiles.

I knew by having become dear friends with Carol Look, that EFT worked, but I just wasn’t using it on a regular basis. Every time I get on the phone with Carol, my energy and enthusiasm would sky-rocket. The worry and weight on my shoulders just disappeared after a few rounds of “tapping.”

Now, with Rebecca around, I had even more proof. I was starting to tap and “love myself anyway” for just about anything that would come up and cause me to feel stressed out, worried or uncertain! 

A few weeks ago, I was on a call with our 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox participants, and shared with them the story I just told you. I asked if anyone was willing to go deep in an EFT session with Rebecca one on one, and share it with our entire community.

Linda, one of our lovely 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox participants bravely offered to put herself out there on our virtual stage for a complementary EFT session with Rebecca. Linda relayed the following details about her struggle with food:

“For years I have had cravings towards sweets and complex carbs (healthy sweets, like dates, chocolate avocado mousse, 12 grain bread) mainly in the evening. 

These are the foods that sabotage me especially after 8 pm at night. Heaven forbid my grown children should bring home Girls Scout cookies or Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Once I see it I want it…it’s like the treat is calling out my name. Horrors!

I succumb, knowing full well why I shouldn’t indulge...and feel disgusted with myself afterwards. I bet this even contributes to my hormonal imbalance.  So how would you classify this struggle?  Sweets cravings with no will power even though I know better? For heaven sakes I often teach classes on “How to make Green Smoothies” and how to improve your diet.”

Rebecca and Linda hooked up and recorded a powerful session of EFT, and this call will give you a chance to see what happens when you go deep with EFT in a one-on-one session:

In this session you will hear Linda go through the challenge of really getting clear on the emotions she felt in her body before she gave in to a temptation to eat something she did not really want to be eating. Then you will hear how the process of  EFT helped Linda discover a very surprising reason why she was eating things she really did not want to be eating!

After their session Linda sent Rebecca the following email:


THANK YOU SO MUCH for the opportunity to work with you last night on the EFT call. WOW…I am really having a shift in my way of thinking about food and other things in my life because of our session.

EFT is very powerful and I am anxious to learn more and seek more breakthroughs.

Thanks again for your gift of giving me an EFT session. Do you know when this call will be aired. I would appreciate being able to listen to it so I can benefit even further.

Blessings to you as you share your wisdom and passion in helping people seek real freedom and change.

I’ve invited Rebecca to share another one-on-one EFT session with participants of our Body Enlightenment program. Right now there is a fabulous group of participants just starting up. We will publish this call on the blog, for all to see, but in the meantime, watch for tomorrow’s blog post when we’ll be sharing some tips and steps to help you tap away your cravings and food cravings in the blink of an eye yourself!

If you could settle in for a one-on-one EFT session with Rebecca, what would you tap away in the blink of an eye? Let us know and you could win a FREE one-on-one session with Rebecca as part of our upcoming Communication Cleanse! Leave a comment below and let us know how you’d like to use EFT to improve your own health and well-being!

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  1. By susan on Feb 16, 2012

    How not to buy sweets and stop the craving for unwanted prcessed junk food


  2. By Elysha on Feb 16, 2012

    I would tap about failing!!!


  3. By Ashleigh on Feb 16, 2012

    I would love to see how EFT could work to address cyclical lapses into depression, insomnia and binge eating. I just began the body enlightenment program and in two weeks I’m about to lead my four roommates on a month of eating raw which we’ll be making a documentary about! As all of them are transitioning from a very standard American Diet, I’d love to use EFT to make sure that I am about my very strongest and freest to encourage them along the way!


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