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How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “I’m Ready for Change, But I Don’t Know How to Start?”

Posted Sep 25 2013 7:00am


The self-development world did a great job of teaching everyone how to visualize and imagine what’s possible. And for some people, it works. But what no one seems to address is the fact that you, as the person most responsible for your happiness in life, will never let yourself experience wild pleasure and abundance if you are stuck with decisions you just can’t seem to make.

Consider what will happen if you keep going the way you’ve been going. How will you feel if you don’t step up to the challenge of living the life you really want to live? If you don’t do what you love? If you don’t speak your mind? follow your heart? improve your health? your finances? your friendships?

Until you decide you are truly ready for change, you’ll keep doing what you’ve always done. If you’ve decided that you’re ready for change, then MAKE THE DECISION and change.

Instead of feeling like Life just “happens” to you, you have to start calling the shots, making the decisions and take back the steering wheel on your own life. That means courage and willingness to close your eyes for a moment–stop worrying about the bank balance, the to-do list, the constant barrage of demands on your time, long enough to catch a glimpse of where you’re trying to go. Some of us are just going through life with the window-wipers flapping. We’re just handling the little battles and to dos and we don’t stop to really set the course–to map out the direction and intention for where we want to go.

I’ve met rich people and poor people. I’ve met people with homes and people who have no home, people with families and people who have no family. And the proportion of happy ones is about the same. So it’s not what you have or acquire or how much you collect in your bank account that determines how alive you feel or how happy you are.

It’s your point of view–how you see things–and that can change in an instant.

  • things you’re wanting to make happen, but aren’t getting started
  • incomplete cycles–things you’ve started but didn’t finish 
  • relationships where communication isn’t happening easily
  • past incidents of pain, severe emotional upset, loss and unconsciousness
  • unexpressed emotion, resentment or ideas that you’re holding inside
Think about this: The only person responsible for where you put your attention is YOU! The reason a lot of therapies and talk sessions don’t work is because most people are busy talking about what’s been done TO them. And that’s fair and it can be moderately helpful for a while. But what really sets you free is your willingness to look YOURSELF in the mirror and be honest about what you see. I’ve got big mirrors here, so we’ll do plenty of honest, heart-felt looking that can literally change your entire life in a few moments.

During the upcoming Lifestyle Design Retreat, after we’ve made your plan, we’ll assign you to a Certified Coach who will be your personal accountability partner for an entire year after the retreat has ended. She’ll help make sure you’re moving forward on your plan to create a life you really love!

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