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How I Transformed My Life

Posted May 06 2010 4:06pm


As I sit in front of my computer and ponder the last four years of my life, I can hardly believe it was “me” living it. There have been many days that I would find my eyes welling up with happy tears and laughing at this newfound joy and happiness I discovered.

I’ve been overweight my entire life, tried over 30 diets and was always the biggest kid in school. At 400 pounds, I felt I was a victim to an obese father, a broken family and the list goes on. The thought of giving motivational lectures and authoring books on weight loss was so far removed from my reality. The only highlight of my life was my yearly vacation (escape) from work and even that ended up being stressful. But I was soon to find out that the Universe has a funny way of mixing things up a bit.

Four years ago, I switched to a 100% raw vegan lifestyle. Besides the dramatic weight loss, one of the things I discovered birthing in me was a desire to actually LIVE, to really live—like I never had before. I decided to take ideas that had only been in my mind or on paper and create a reality that would line up with them or would enable them to happen in sync. I really let loose here too: I included the girlfriend I always dreamed of, the freedom of traveling around the world and exploring, new friends, new business partners, family, love, life. My goal was to live with as much freedom and love that my heart could handle.

But, where to start?


Trusting in the Universe has been a wonderful learning process. Learning that I manifest the world around me was originally a new concept for me, and I have gained so much from it:

-There is no such thing as coincidence.
-I am a co-creator, not a victim.
-Responsibility is all mine.
-The Universe only has good things for me.
-Be still and know that everything is perfect.

From the moment I began to release the reigns a bit, I found that I was actually able to truly enjoy life for the first time. So, what happened? I began attracting new friends from all over the world. Raw food communities were popping up, and it seemed like support was everywhere. Companies began to contact me and opportunities for adventure began to present themselves. I got to share my story on CBS. People began to ask me to speak all over the world. “What luck,” some might say. Ha, no such thing! It all started with visualization and positive thinking.

Positive Thinking

I came to find that living life everyday with the attitude of having “The Most Amazing Day Ever” presented more than I could ever hope or dream for. I decided not to put my future in a box anymore but rather to be completely open to whatever was to come. Expecting the best in every situation and being in a space of gratitude, no matter what was gifted to me, was a new way of thinking that turned into a new way of manifesting. If we create the world around us with our thoughts and our intentions, why not create it the very best way possible, way beyond the status quo?

Here are a few tools I found that helped me along the way:

1.  Affirmations. Most people have a terrible day because subconsciously they don’t feel they deserve anything good in life, usually due to a lack of self-love. You can reverse that by affirming you love yourself in the mirror daily. I dare you. Do it until you actually believe yourself or until you crack up laughing.

I would tape notes on my mirrors and walls around the house reminding me to do my affirmations, including “I Love Myself,” “I Accept Myself,” and “I Appreciate Myself.”

2.  Creating Your Day. Create your day by writing down exactly how you want your day to go. It’s quite simple and should take less than five or 10 minutes. Don’t be skimpy on the details either. If you are having a problem with a coworker, write down how you would like them to act towards you and see that person as cordial and pleasant. Whatever the situation, see it in your mind and write it down. Get wild here; don’t limit yourself!

3.  Visualization. Spend 30 minutes once a week (or more frequently) and picture your future the way you want it to be. You get to direct your own movie and be the star!

Your goal may be to lose 40 pounds and go to work in a new tailored pinstripe suit. If that is the case, picture yourself as that person: trim, strong, muscular, confident and looking amazing in your new suit. Picture what it feels like when you walk around and interact with people. Feel the emotion of the moment. The emotion and intention are what sets the process of creation in motion.

I have been picturing myself as a trim muscular guy for pretty much my entire life. After losing over 215 pounds from a maximum weight of 400 pounds, I would say I manifested that dream or visualization. It may have taken a little longer than expected, but I’m still learning.

Accepting ourselves, accepting change, being in the moment, and creating with our words, thoughts and intentions is how we shift and transform our bodies, our lives and even our future. We have been taught to look outside ourselves for the answers. We run from guru to guru, from the hottest yoga teacher in India to the latest retreat in Mauritius, always looking, always seeking. Is anything wrong with any of this? Of course not. Just remember the hidden treasure is in an earthen vessel, which is you. You have everything you need inside you already. Yup, everything!

You are empowered to affirm, create and visualize your life to be whatever your heart desires. You always have been.

By Philip McCluskey

As seen on: Crazy Sexy Life.  

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