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Holly’s comment: The Clintons (a...

Posted Sep 30 2008 1:11am

Holly’s comment:

The Clintons (and others in government) are themselves drug runners while claiming publically to be against drugs.  The ‘War on Drugs’ is merely them dealing with their competition.

Including waging war on herbs and other natural substances (via Codex Alimentarius for example and many other methods) which lift mood in a healthy sustainable way. 

The fact is with pineal gland shrinkage and right brain suppression which the human race has been collectively experiencing increasingly for millennia for hormonal reasons most adults feel they need something to perk them up - whatever it is from raw cacao, through a cup of tea or coffee, right up to a line of coke.  This is completely understandable.  It’s just there are cleverer ways of doing it than addictive and otherwise problematic drugs.  Hence the herbs. Of course my hope is that eventually (preferably sooner rather than later) we will all be able to get into top gear without all this. But until we acknowledge the problem people will be left prey to drugs - and people like the Clintons.


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