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High Raw, Working Out and Finding Your Passion: an interview with Kristen Suzanne

Posted May 13 2009 10:36pm


49 minutes | Download the MP3 | Subscribe via iTunes

Our guest this week is the passionate raw food chef, author and coach, Kristen Suzanne. And when I say passionate, I mean straight up 32 ounces of green juice passionate!

Kristen is former body builder turned vegan, turned raw, who used the health transformation she went through as a stepping stone to help others achieve similar results.

Today Kristen is the author of eight raw food recipes books, an avid blogger and a very active member of the raw food community.

In our interview with Kristen today we talk about her life growing up, her body building experiences, the development of her career and the high raw tips she has for those just getting started on their journey.

Topics Covered

From Body Building to Whole Foods

  • Joining the gym to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Body building and exploring the world of diets: Cabbage Soup Diet and the Atkins Diet
  • How Kristen discovered the vegan diet via John Robin's Diet For a New America

Vegan to Raw Foods

  • The improvements Kristen got and didn't get from the vegan diet
  • How Kristen discovered the power raw foods via Juliano's Raw book
  • The influence the web had on Kristen's journey

Going Pro

  • How Kristen turned a passion into the starts of a career
  • Taking raw chef certification classes at Living Light
  • Taking action by teaching her first class at Whole Foods
  • Getting clear on what she enjoys the most

Working out

  • How has Kristen's workout routine changed since going raw?
  • Does Kristen's body recover differently from workouts since going raw?

High Raw

  • What is "high raw" and does Kristen recommend people start their raw food journey this way?
  • When Kristen is "high raw" what are the cooked foods that she eats?
  • One of Kristen's favorites quotes: "What works for me, might not work for you!"
  • Kristen's thoughts on digestive enzymes

Creating a Raw Foods "Base"

  • Having "Plant Blood" as a base to her diet and enjoying the power of juice to quickly deliver nutrients into the system
  • Kristen's favorite type of green juice aka "Plant Blood"
  • Varying things on a weekly basis vs a daily basis

Kristen's Raw Food Easy book series

  • Why all her books have the theme "easy" behind them
  • Kristen's favorite raw salad & dressing recipes
  • Kristen's favorite raw soup recipe
  • Kristen's favorite raw snack recipe

The Power of Community

  • What roll has community played in Kristen's health journey?

Kristen's Next Projects

  • A new book on raw food and weight loss
  • Kristen talks about working on getting pregnant and sharing all the information she can on this subject
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