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Healthy Homesteading: A Simple Tip For Storing Tomatoes

Posted Mar 13 2013 9:35pm


by Ashley Knight

Homesteading, returning to nature and living simply are terms that most cannot even comprehend or maybe can only dream of these days. The demands that are put on us between work and our families can feel overwhelming, however; there seems to be a new wave of young people wanting to get away from the modern living struggles and return to the land. 

canning jars
The idea of becoming more self-reliant, returning to the basics of home living and creating a more sustainable life are what some are craving for in their lives but just don’t know how.  In the healthy homesteader course you will learn how to do just this!  Learning how to store food, cook food, live off the land and about making connections are just a few things that will be taught in this course and are so valuable for the modern day family to learn. Why the healthy homesteader course is important for you;

  • Financially – Being able to store food for the cold months. Making connections with farmers and other families for goods.  Not spending money on imported goods that were meant to feed the people from which they came from.
  • Healthy living – Feeding your family food you grew yourself all year long either through different storage methods, how to dry herbs for medicinal purposes, eating and preparing food for optimal health benefits and how to nourish your body not only through food but also through skin products. As well as creating your own healthy cleaning products.
  • Self reliance – to learn how to create a world for you and your family where you can be in charge of where your food comes from.  Utilizing the land and people around you.
  • Is This Course Really For Me?

    Maybe you don’t have a lot of land, maybe you live in an apartment or in a city. Either way you can learn something from this course.  Get your family involved and try something new even if it is just doing a small garden.  One step at a time we can learn to work together as a family and as a community to live a more sustainable life.

    tomato storage
    Your first easy homesteading tip is; Easy Tomato Storage.  Tomatoes have the tendency to all ripen at once and often times it can be overwhelming to think of what do with all of them.  An easy way to save them is to freeze them! Here are the steps on freezing tomatoes;

    1.  Pick, rinse and dry your tomatoes.
    2.  Place small whole tomatoes or larger halved tomatoes in a freezer bag.
    3. Seal up the bag leaving a small space for a straw, place straw inside bag and suck out air.
    4. Put them in freezer!
    That’s it! It is that easy and is also a great way to quickly save your tomatoes for later use.  Once you want to use your tomatoes, just simply put them in warm water and the skins will just come right off, or you can just start cooking with them and you can pick the skins right out.  You will have tomatoes all winter long to use in sauces, soups, chili, etc…

    Instead of spending an hour at the grocery store why not spend an hour in the garden, even if it is a container garden.  Take a journey into homesteading life, no matter what your situation I am sure there is something that will take hold of you and can apply to your living situation. The teachers in this course are a young homesteading family from Maine with so much knowledge to pass onto the eager homesteader in you!  For information about your teachers and the course visit:

    Ashley fell in love with healthy living and nutrition while struggling with infertility for 3 ½ years.  With research and diet adjustments she finally got pregnant.  Ashley has left her former career path and is fully committed to living a more sustainable life and hopes to inspire others.  Read more about Ashley and her family’s adventures at

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    1. By Deloris on Mar 15, 2013

      Another slam-dunk! Thank you so much for posting this, the more I know, the more I want to know. :)


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