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(Healthy) Holiday Deals & Steals!

Posted Dec 22 2010 12:42pm

Holiday shopping can be super stressful. So why not do something special for your health – and the health of those you love?

That’s why I’ve gathered up some of my all-time favorite health products and included them in this post. There are currently some awesome holiday deals running. With each product I list below, I share links to the reviews I wrote about them so you’ll be able to see WHY I am recommending them. Some of these products are currently on sale – others are a deal, regardless.

Ready, set, go!

First up is…


I reviewed their Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae (check it out by clicking HERE ). I even hosted a giveaway for an awesome package deal of E3Live, BrainOn, and their cool shaker cup (see that HERE ).

Their products are RAWmazing – and that’s why I’m so excited to share the following discount with you!

A word from the folks at E3Live :

“We are offering an end-of-the-year Thank You of 20% off (using coupon code:  HOLIDAY) which can be used on any of our products except the soaps and Patented Stem Cell product.  This is a great time to purchase frozen items for yourself or others – it’s a great savings and our way to say Thanks to all of you.”

20% off coupon code, E3Live

• 20% discount does not apply to soaps or Patented Stem Cell Enhancer
• 20% discount does not apply to Earth’s Essential Cream and E3Light Polish, as they are already 30% off
• offer valid until Dec. 31st, midnight PST
• to get the 20% off, please enter coupon code: HOLIDAY during online checkout

Next up…

Amazing Grass

Y’all might remember that I introduced Amazing Grass during my . You may remember me raving about wheat grass during that time. ( Get your Organic Wheat Grass Powder Here! ) I love this stuff! It does have an earthy/green taste, I’ll be honest but I love it so much – and how it makes me feel – I don’t mind at all. Besides, if you DO mind, that taste is easily disguised in a fruity smoothie! :-D

Or you could go for one of their that contains wheat grass but has a bunch of other flavors (like fruit or chocolate).

Look for the red sale tags, folks. Amazing Grass products are worth every penny – so give the gift of health to those you love!

Holiday discounts, Amazing Grass

Gotta have some entertainment, right? Why not make it healthy…

Simply Raw

If you or someone you love is battling diabetes, their weight, or even other health issues, I urge you to watch this series of films. You’ll learn about raw foods, how they can heal, and so much more!

Here’s a snippet of my thoughts on the powerful message Simply Raw provides:

Simply Raw gives you a peek into the journey of six Americans who are battling diabetes. Some of them are also battling obesity. While staying at The Tree of Life in Arizona, under the supervision of Dr. Gabriel Cousens, the six individuals (with various diabetes levels and insulin problems) were carefully monitored and cared for.Looking into the lives of these people and watching their struggles, their honest attempts, and then more struggles as they tried to make it through the 30-day program just broke my heart. I’ve been obese morbidly obese. I know the pain. I know how discouraging it can be to wake up every morning with a heavy person weighing your life down and feeling like life is hopeless and like you can never, ever achieve the healthier, slimmer body you so desire.

I also used to be on diabetic medication because my blood sugar was atrocious. I related so much to the stories these people shared in this DVD. It was almost as if I were living my own morbid obesity and blood sugar problems all over again!

So, I absolutely believe in the power of raw foods and know from personal experience and my own journey that blood sugar can stabilize. I’ve lost over 100 pounds and am now eating 100% raw food–no more diabetic medication for me!

You can read more about my thoughts on reversing diabetes with raw food by clicking HERE and/or HERE .

Time to get physical…


I really love yoga. I’m still amazed at how much yoga grounds me, calms me. But it does. For years, I stayed away from it, was afraid to try it, and boy was I missing out! I’m still no super yogi by anyone’s standards. But yoga is a practice I plan to carry with me throughout life. I’ve been away from the mat for the past few months (although I’ve been getting plenty of exercise on this pink beauty ) but yoga is still dear to my heart. And Aurorae Yoga provides my favorite yoga equipment.

Aurorae Yoga

Aurorae Yoga Mat Review – Don’t have time to read? Hop on over and buy yourself – or your loved one! – Get an Aurorae Yoga Mat pronto!

Aurorae Yoga Sport Sweat Towel Review – Too busy to click? Rush to get your Aurorae Yoga 100% Cotton Sport Sweat Towel !

Aurorae Yoga Slip-Free Rosin Bag Review – OR snatch up this awesome Aurorae Slip Free Rosin 5-Pack right away!

As a token of our appreciation, we would like to offer you a Friends & Family Discount of 15% off any of our products on between now and December 31, 2010. In order to redeem this discount, make sure to add Aurorae9 in the promotional code when checking out.

My favorite yoga DVDs

I alternate between the following yoga DVDs. I love them both, each for different reasons. I feel I get something different from both of them. I can’t choose a favorite so that’s why I just switch up.

Yoga Body Lean & Defined Total Body Workout DVD – Stacy McCarthy ( Grab your copy HERE. )

Yoga Mind & Body – Ali MacGraw ( Grab your copy HERE. )

And we can’t forget about our skin, can we?! Introducing…


I chose this product because I love that it’s eco-friendly and works so well. And because you’ll use such a small amount each time, the price is totally reasonable.

Check out my review of the raw, organic ShimmerOrganics Mandarin and Honey Revitalizing Mask .

Remember when I put my face out there during that review ?!! ;-)


You can also read my interview with the awesome lady who created and runs ShimmerOrganics, by clicking HERE . And see what a fantabulous job she does with her heartfelt, cheerful packaging !

Get your ShimmerOrganics products at Lisa’s Online Shop !

ShimmerOrganics, Christmas

Watch for another holiday post with my favorite eco-friendly products – including Bite Bags, which I recently reviewed ! What are your favorite healthy products? Do you give them as gifts? Isn’t it a joy when you can buy gifts for people who are health conscious? Chime in, fantabulous people!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, but the products I’ve chosen to share are recommended from my heart. I was not approached by any of the companies I mentioned to include them on this list. I was not paid to write this post.

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