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Happy Holidays, Love and Gratitude to The Team!

Posted Dec 22 2011 2:06pm
Written by Rachelle Fordyce on December 22, 2011 – -

- by Rachelle Fordyce & The Tera Warner Team!

As I’m sure you’re already aware, you’re currently reading the Tera Warner blog at, and you may already know a lot about Tera, the frisky fiery red head urging you to embrace green smoothies and slurp lawn mower pulp! ;)

(If you’re not already in the know, you can read more about Tera HERE!)

But are you also aware that isn’t run by Tera alone? She has some really awesome, amazing and astounding people on her team!

It being the season of love, giving and gratitude, we thought we’d take the time to share some appreciation and gratitude for the amazing rockstars on Team Tera Warner, by introducing to you some of the key people behinds the scenes! (The picture above shows Tera with team members Danielle, Rachelle and Tiffany — you can learn more about us below!)

And, if you’re doing some last minute holiday shopping for that special raw foodie in your life, we’ve each given you a one or two ideas for raw kitchen items! These are items we already use and love, or items on our wishlists to make raw food preparation a little more fancier and easier! Ah, to be a raw gourmet!

Get ready to meet the ‘secret sauce’ of!

Happy Holidays, team! You’re all amazing, and this site wouldn’t be what it is without you!

Danielle GreasonDanielle helps Tera to plan out and deliver our products and programs here at  You’ll also find her hanging out in our community forums and providing support for our detox and weight loss programs.

Danielle moved from Australia to Costa Rica earlier this year, along with her husband and two daughters, to slow down the pace of life, get connected with nature and go crazy on tropical fruit!

She loves making raw desserts and plans to one day take a year long gastronomy tour of all the best raw gourmet restaurants around the world!

A green smoothie fanatic, Danielle can’t imagine living without her Blendtec Blender!

Since Danielle has a passion for making gourmet raw delights, she’d love to add a couple kitchen gadgets to help her along with fancy raw goodies, such as a dessert decorating set and whipped cream maker and dispenser, allowing her to top her desserts with homemade raw coconut whipped cream! Yum!

Doll CreelmanDoll has been working with Tera and her team since 2008. Beginning with a simple detox and working through changes in the BE program, Doll has enjoyed learning the basics of healthy living and how online businesses run from behind the scenes.

Working as Tera’s personal assistant, Doll helps keep the time lines running smoothly.

She’s looking forward to what lies ahead and enjoys working with those on the team!

Outside of the computer and internet world, Doll is an active musician and Minister of Music at a local church. She believes that life can be full and rich and actively searches and creates projects for growth and service.

Doll’s dream raw food item for the kitchen? Any tools that make the presentation of food beautiful! A simple melon baller can go a long way, as can a veggie spiral slicer!

Eliza CeciEliza is the newbie around here. Although she has been reading, following the blog and taking green smoothie challenges since 2009, Eliza officially became part of the team in October 2011. She is the behind-the-scenes support for the Body Enlightenment program, offering encouragement and guidance, answering participants questions and giving virtual hugs.

She loves coaching and answering health related questions to keep members going. She helps keep participants motivated and uplifted during the program because we all need a bit of extra love from time to time. Which is why Eliza is so excited to be delving deeper into supporting participants of The Green Smoothie Queen programs as well.

Besides her work here at Eliza loves writing for her blog, supporting her own health coaching clients, concocting fun new superfood smoothie recipes, reading about and practicing different forms of meditation and taste testing raw chocolates, yum!

This time of year, especially, Eliza could not live with out her 9-Tray Excalibur Dehydrator and matching Paraflexx Sheets – they are great for making lots of raw treats to help you make it through the holidays!

Jimmy GilkerJimmy is ever excited by the fast and ever changing world of internet, hence is passion for website building and administration.

When Jimmy is not tackling the latest web puzzle, he enjoys his time floating in the sea, swimming in lakes and pretending he is a crocodile, and lying in the hammock reading. Jimmy currently resides in NSW, Australia.

Switching to a raw food diet just over 12 years ago caused such a rebirth in Jimmy that he just had to write a book about it. You can read The Raw Food Traveler’s story here.

The only raw food preparation tool Jimmy is using right now is a lemon squeezer “thingy” – It sure comes in pretty handy. Aside from that must-have lemon squeezer “thingy”, Jimmy thinks it might be pretty cool to have a dehydrator, too!

Joanna StevenJoanna is the Raw Mom Ambassador in the Raw Mom Club, as well as on Facebook and Twitter, sharing her experience and tips with our Raw Mom community.

A raw food author and raw food coach with a passion for helping people succeed on the raw diet,  Joanna was born and raised in France, so she knows good food and never compromises taste for nutrition! And, with a Masters degree in Psychology under her belt, she knows full well that our own beliefs and habits can get in the way of eating raw. She believes that everyone, regardless of lifestyle, can be successfully raw!

Joanna’s articles and recipes have been published in Get Fresh!, EcoHearth, The Nutritional Magnesium Foundation, and more. She’s written for the Raw Divas and Raw Mom websites, and has authored the first ever comprehensive guide to a raw food pregnancy, Well Rounded. For recipes and raw support, you can follow Joanna’s blog!

If you have a little raw girl or boy in your life, or know a cute kiddo who might like to learn more about raw food fun in the kitchen, Joanna highly recommends Monkey Mike’s Raw Food Kitchen – the first EVER raw un-cookbook for kids!

Keely BushKeely has been running around in the cyber-background doing various jobs to keep things running smoothly since 2007 when Tera started her first program.  She has participated in nearly every program since then and is very often listening in the background on the program teleseminars.

If you are involved in any of the Green Smoothie Queen programs, you more than likely have bumped into Keely a time or two as she is the message board administrator a.k.a. “The Emerald Empress” in The Emerald Lounge message board.  You can also find her administrating the message board for the WISHclub as the WISHmistress.  If you are involved in either of those message boards, feel free to drop by and introduce yourself to the community and check out the extra bonuses scattered throughout the forums!

Keely would love for Santa to bring her one of the new Blendtec Wildside Blenders.  She has an old stainless steel Cuisinart that still gets the job done, but “it is ugly and will not fit under my cabinets.”

…We hear ya, Keely! :)

Rachelle FordyceRachelle is the current editor and publisher for the Tera Warner blog — so she’s the gal behind this post that you’re reading right now, not to mention all the other posts on the blog!

In addition to being responsible for putting together and sending out the weekly newsletters you receive in your inbox, Rachelle also takes care of the Green Smoothie Queen Facebook and Twitter accounts, and makes updates on behalf of Tera on the Tera Warner Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts, too!

Holding a BAH in Theatre and Drama, Rachelle self-produces and performs her own solo one-act plays from time to time. She also an aspiring playwright, director, and screenwriter.

When Rachelle isn’t working for the Tera Warner blog or busy preparing and performing one of her new plays, she tries to update her own little blog when she can, as well as sweating it out in the hot yoga room Bikram style. She also loves concocting green smoothies, raw noodle salads and raw Italian cuisine, not to mention raw desserts and raw chocolate!

She’s in love with her veggie spiralizer that she uses to make raw zucchini noodles for raw Italian or Asian dishes. (Danielle says she lovers her veggie spiralizer, too!)  Rachelle’s hoping Santa will bring her a mandoline slicer to help her make raw lasagna!

Tiffany SoricelliTiffany joined The Raw Divas in January 2011 to assist with transcribing B.I.G. (Believe in Green) calls, and to provide customer support to Green Smoothie Queen program participants by answering and monitoring “The Queen’s” email.

She still assists with her royal highness’s email, but has transitioned into a business development role for by taking over the affiliate marketing program and arranging company partnerships with other businesses that share the same mission and vision.

When Tiffany isn’t working for you’ll find her working in development in higher education at The Sage Colleges in Troy, NY, or studying for her 2nd masters degree, an MBA in finance (the first one was a M.M. in music education).

On the weekends, Tiffany enjoys climbing mountains in the Catskills or Adirondack parks of NY, and hiking new sections of the Appalachian Trail in the north east with her husband and her dog. Other interests include singing, fiddling, dancing, juice “feasting,” French and Italian cultures, and travel.

Since Tiffany LOVES green juice, she’d love to have her very own Green Star Juicer!

Last, but not least, we’d all love to wish YOU a happy holiday filled with love and gratitude!

Thanks so much for being here, reading this, and being a part of our wonderful community. We couldn’t do it without your ongoing readership and support!

If you’d like to share a little bit about you, please feel free to take a moment and fill us in! How long have you been keeping up with the blog? How long have you been into raw food and green smoothies?  We’d love to get to know you better, too.

Love, Happiness and Health!

The Tera Warner Team

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  1. By Dani @ Body By Nature on Dec 22, 2011

    Such a fabulous team! Amazing work that you do. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday!


    Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on December 22nd, 2011

    YAY! Thanks Dani! :)

    Happy Healthy Holiday to you too!


  2. By Althea on Dec 22, 2011

    You all rock! I enjoyed my time with Raw Divas. I can’t say enough good things about all of you. Blessings, Althea


    Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on December 23rd, 2011

    Aw, thanks Althea! Blessings to you too. <3


  3. By Kornelia on Dec 22, 2011

    Nice to meet you! Great team and great job, thank you!
    Enchantée! Une belle équipe et un bon boulot, merci!


    Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on December 23rd, 2011

    Merci beaucoup, Kornelia! :)


  4. By Lisa on Dec 22, 2011

    Hello to all you wonderful people. I’ve learnt about green smoothies through Tera’s site as I was googling for info about how to detox my acidic body. Stumbling upon Tera’s site, I loved that she was in Montreal as I was (am still). When I’m not travelling to developing countries where I don’t have personal internet use I am always pleased to read Tera’s eloquent writing and to follow the generousity in her efforts to make the world a better place! Tera, you know you are an Angel of Light, don’t you!? Thanks to all your helpers. I send you my warmest wishes for the New Year! Lisa


    Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on December 23rd, 2011

    Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa! :)

    I’m thinking of potentially moving to Montreal in the new year… we shall see! How do you find the city treats you?


  5. By Stacey Terry on Dec 23, 2011

    Hey super-divas and super-dude! Happy holidays to everyone on the team and much love and fresh success in the new year! <3


    Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on December 23rd, 2011

    YAY! Thanks Stacey!!! Right back at ya, and lots of hugs! xox!


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