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Happy Holidays! I hope ...

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:30pm

Baubles Happy Holidays!

I hope you are still enjoying your Christmas break?

For my part I have had a lovely few days, spent lots of time with family and some friends and as of today am semi-on, semi-off duty. I am receiving emails but not answering many (I am still officially on holiday mode until 2nd January), and have my final Get Set for 2007 Group Coaching Call tonight at 8pm. In between I have been working on something rather exciting yet challenging, but what could well be the key to me making one of my personal/ professional dreams come true, so will all be worth it in the end! (More anon).

There's so much I want to share with you I don't know where to start, but what I'll begin by saying is this: "If you feel as if you've overdone it or 'lost the plot' with your eating this Christmas then you're certainly not alone, and would you like some help with that?" If "yes" is your answer then read on for how I can...

In the New Year I'm going to post a Mini New Year Detox outline on here for you or your friends or family to use and for those of you who have said "enough's enough!" and want to really go for it, then I highly recommend either my January Raw Food for Beginners Weekend (20-21 Jan) or my 30 Days to Raw Program which starts on Monday 27th Jan. Both will inspire and motivate you massively so that you can get still, clear and realigned with what's really important to you, all in an environment that is upbeat, understanding and incredibly supportive. You CAN get back on track and once you've started it's easy! To find out more about any of my forthcoming events click here.

On the other hand, if you'd prefer something to read, or something a bit more DIY at home, then even if you've been dabbling with raw foods for a while, my How To Get Started With Raw Foods will still be perfect for you, I promise! It will take you back to basics, remind you why you chose to do it in the first place, educate, inspire and then guide you to eat raw for a week to whatever level you desire, whether that's 50%, 75% or 100%. And it's so well laid out for you that you'll love its simplicity and do-ability and combine that with the special "3 Day Prep Zone" - you'll love every minute of it.

If it's new recipe inspiration you're looking for, and you want quick, easy, healthy and delicious raw food recipes then my 50 Recipes eBook is still my best seller by quite a way and has become a firm favourite among those who have bought a copy. Just print it out, punch holes in the pages or slip into clear sleeved, file them in a ring binder and you have a ready made raw food recipe binder all ready for your new year kitchen!

Gifts_6 Which brings me on to my current special offers! These expire at midnight on Jan 31st, but until then you can take advantage of them and save potentially a fair amount of money on eBook packages if you hop over to the info now and treat yourself... They really are great deals and so if you've been thinking about whether to go for it, read the testimonials at the bottom of each product page, see what you think and then if it sounds like something you could use - go for it! Any of the 4 downloadable resourses available will set you off on the right track, whether it's for the first time, this time or the last time!

I'll be back later with some other more personal news, until then, here's one to get you thinking...

What is your "Bold Health Goal" going to be for 2007? What is the one thing around your eating habits, weight, fitness or miscellaneous health issues that you'd like to commit to achieving within the next 12 months?

As soon as you know, and if you're willing to declare it publicly (which I really hope you will! - all of you!!), then please post it in the comments box and share it with the world, and we can come back in a year and check in on you!

Here's mine to get things started:

My Bold Health Goal for 2007 is to start running again at least three times per week and to match or better my previous personal best of running for 45 minutes without stopping.

This is a good one for me as I have set this goal before but have not ended up going to the gym to run AT ALL, let alone get on the treadmill for 45 minutes! (I don't like road running).

Now it's your turn!

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