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Happy Hemp Osterizer Blender

Posted Oct 01 2009 10:37pm

If you’re just tuning in, be sure to enter Healing With (Raw) Juices’ latest contest for an 8 ounce bag of Raw Chia Seeds –thanks to for sponsoring–and don’t forget to check out my chocolate ice cubes!

Blended Blessings

I’ve mentioned a few times that my blender keeled over on me. It was sad. I was sad. But a new blender wasn’t in the budget so I’ve been a pouting, smoothie-less Raw Juice Girl for a while now. Pathetic, I know. LOL

I was on a real roll having awesome smoothies for breakfast, but I made due with substitutes:

Delicious, yes. A green smoothie? No!

So, imagine my out-of-this-world delight when my aunt donated her blender she never uses! Oh, believe me, I tried (and tried) to promote the health benefits of smoothies and convince her that she needed to keep her blender–she insisted on giving it to me anyway, reassuring me she never uses it and didn’t plan on it anytime soon….

Enter: the Osterizer 10-speed Blender

I took pictures of my blending adventures this morning, so you could enjoy the experience with me! :-D

And, my goodness, this thing is a LOT more powerful than I thought it would be. It gobbled up the ice cubes like there was no tomorrow! Seriously! Eeeek! Bring on the smoothies, people!

Osterizer Blender

Osterizer blender, 10 speed

10 Speeds!

10 speed blender, Osterizer

Sassafras Root Tea

Sassafras root tea, smoothie recipes

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70, smoothie recipes

banana, hemp powder, smoothie recipes

Chocolate Ice Cubes!

Navitas Naturals chocolate, flax, sassafras tea, smoothie

Green Hemp Smoothie

hemp smoothie

Wanna Taste?

hemp smoothie recipe


green smoothie, hemp

Happy Hemp Smoothie

And that’s what I had for breakfast this morning. Ah, a green smoothie. I can’t tell you how happy my mouth–and my tummy–were as I chugged that gorgeous, bubbly, hemp-ish, thick smoothie down. YUM!!!

I did forget one thing, though: spinach! Yikes!!! Sheesh, guess I’ll have to make another one. ;-)

If you’re just tuning in, be sure to check out Healing With (Raw) Juices’ latest contest for an 8 ounce bag of Raw Chia Seeds –thanks to for sponsoring!

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