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Happily Ever After Maker!

Posted Nov 21 2012 8:00am
Written by Deborah on November 21, 2012 – -

by Tera Warner

Do you ever get the feeling like your hopes, dreams, goals and the vision you’ve created for your life might not come to be? Do you ever let self-doubt seep into your world like a slow, silent leak in your spiritual boat?

After one divorce and a couple failed attempts at love, I had decided that I would wait until my next life to find the man of my dreams, and live happily ever after in love.

I have two amazing kids, a business that I love, and my studies on the side totally rock my world. What more did I need?

I could stop at this and say, “I’m perfectly content with what I have. This is great! Thank you!!” And it would be true, but for the fact that the ever-expanding, upward spiral of life would whither and fizzle and fade.

Because when Mr. Right walked into my life, a whole new level of love, passion, possibilty and wild, unbridled enthusiasm came rippling through my world. And it tastes GREAT!

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, however fantastic you feel, you can still step it up in Life, and doing so is what Life is all about.

Being driven, pulled, propelled along the course of your existence in the pursuit of what makes you feel more alive, more inspired, more willing to play the game is what living is all about.

When you’ve lost that, you’ve lost a lot.

Where you are is cool, now where are you going?

Who you are is amazing, and what do you want to be next?

How far can you stretch? How willing are you to reach toward the most delicious, inspiring, uplifting possibility of what your life could be like? Of what Life could be like for us all?

Somebody has to be bold and brave and brilliant enough to dare to paint a picture we can all believe in. Then have the determination to hold on to the paintbrush long enough to watch it all happen!

And if there’s anyone I know who is wild and wonderful enough to do something like that, it’s YOU!

Heading into your weekend of wild adventures and classy glass slippers I just wanted to wish you EVEN MORE than you thought was possible for yourself.

Because you certainly deserve it!

Love and a palette of paints to color your world,

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