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Green Smoothies - Bad Food Combining?

Posted Feb 09 2010 2:24pm
Fruit should be eaten alone, according to food combining rules.  But what about green smoothies - doesn't blending fruit with greens break that rule and invite digestive problems?

I was wondering about that myself, after someone left a comment here regarding just this question.  I wasn't too worried about proper food combining when it came to green smoothies, since I had been drinking various combinations of fruit and greens with no discomfort at all.  On the contrary, after drinking my mixture of greens and fruit, my stomach felt cool and soothed.  

Recently, I got my answer when reading an article written by Frederic Patenaude.  He states that greens don't count as vegetables.

According to Patenaude, greens such as lettuce, celery, spinach, and other green leaves are very versatile in food combining. They go well with anything, fruit as well as any other food.
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