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Green Smoothies Are Contagious: How One Woman Transformed Her Health & Made Converts Of Her Loved Ones

Posted Oct 30 2012 12:28pm
Written by Deborah on October 30, 2012 – -

by Jennifer Dupuy

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! The blood curdling scream split the night…..

Officer: Can you describe it ma’am?

Woman: It…was…. green… and slimy… and… my daughter was DRINKING it!!!

Officer: Ma’am, have you tasted the… (he checks his notes)… the slime? Maybe it isn’t so bad… there must be a reason. A logical explanation of some sort?

Now, I have experienced the above scenario, maybe without the Film Noir setting, so many many times. The truth is, green smoothies will garner attention very quickly, drawing everything from repulsed shudders to frank stares, and my favorite… questions! “Ew! What IS that?? It looks so… gross. What does it TASTE like??” 

If you are going to consume a green smoothie in public, take a few extra straws with you, and relish your opportunity show a few folks it’s not so bad. Several years ago, I was innocently standing in my own kitchen, preparing myself a smoothie, as part of the 21-day green smoothie challenge I was  on. I was trying to change my eating as a mother of four with a breastfeeding six-month-old.

I had a host of symptoms, and poor energy, despite having a fair amount of knowledge about whole foods and being a vegan. I had been doing my smoothies for about 4 days, and had started to have an upswing in energy. I threw some kale, banana, frozen berries and water into my blender.

While I was eagerly waiting, my mom walked in and eyed the machine. “Ew! That looks DISGUSTING!!” I grinned. “It tastes like fruit Mom. It’s delicious. I’ve lost 5 pounds, and I haven’t caught that cold everyone else has…” I pour the smoothie into a glass and drink with gusto. I realize that I am hooked!! “I will NEVER drink that stuff,” said my mom, physically shuddering. Over the next few years, she and I repeated this conversation more than once.

Seven years ago, my father had a triple bypass. We found the Dean Ornish books, and he became a vegetarian, and then a vegan at my mother’s and my urging. My mother also became dairy free vegetarian, as we realized that our family history of arthritis contraindicated dairy consumption. I had never let go of my green smoothie habit, and I had become aware of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s work and Nutritarianism, and the more I read and learned, the more determined I became to share the changes that were healing my illnesses and releasing my weight.

My mother became more and more curious about my smoothies, and in summer 2012, she succumbed to my lectures, and tried her first green smoothie. I was elated. When it was actually palatable and didn’t kill her, she agreed to try them daily for a month.

Mom’s new smoothie habit has resulted in her becoming an even more active and more youthful grandmother. She has lost two sizes now, almost three, just from adding green smoothies to her diet. She has more pep in her step, no edema, and fewer aches and pains. She takes her smoothies or the materials to make them down to visit my brother in Dayton, where she babysits my nieces, and also takes them to work.

Recently, my die-hard meat and dairy eating brother succumbed to mom’s insistence that he taste her smoothie. As a slim young man in his early thirties, weight is not a concern for my brother. If anything, under stress he tends to be underweight. Even so, at a recent check up, he realized his insides were telling a different story, and with a family history of heart disease, he decided some changes were in order. My brother now drinks at least one green smoothie daily. He has faith that taking care of his body in this way will add healthy years to his life, which he finds valuable as a father of five.

There is an epidemic of green slime spreading through families and it needs to continue!!

Who do you think you could slime today??

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Jennifer Dupuy is a fantastically busy and committed mother of four. She combines her love of raw vegan whole foods and knowledge of music and personal development into a career of teaching, coaching, singing and sharing. Her biggest passions are people, music, and healing. Jennifer walks her talk: she has used a high raw lifestyle to heal herself of Fibromyalgia and Lupus, and released over 50 pounds in the process. She is passionate about getting greens into all who come into contact with her, and supporting YOU!










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