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Global Warming and Food

Posted Sep 14 2008 4:48pm

Thus far, most talk about reducing climate change has revolved around fuel efficient cars, lowering household kilowatt usage,and moving to sustainable energy choices.

Very little attention, though, has been placed on food choices. Even though switching to a veg diet actually does more to cut personal CO2 emissions than switching to a hybrid does.

So why the lack of fanfare for changing diets?

Here's why...

First off, the people don't change their diet to impact global warming, they do it first and foremost for health reasons. And with so much mis-information about the true benefits of eating better and the true cost of eating shitty foods, people are left confused. Someone on the dietary fence maybe swayed to the veg side by learning about global warming and food, however, for the average person (the person that still thinks that real protein only comes from animals sources) a much wider education campaign is needed. An education campaign that takes a second look at what health actually means.

Secondly, so much of our "fight against global warming" is about pushing against "the Man". Man in this case meaning oil executives, energy companies, the government, and hired lawyers/marketers. It is much easier to convince people to join your fight if you have an enemy or a man you're fighting.

Changing your diet is often viewed as a less sexy fight. For starters, the man is you. Sure there is big pharma, food lobbyist, genetic engineering, and factory farming, but the real gate keeper is you. Unlike greening your car/house, greening your diet is still easier to do, in the sense that there are fewer barriers for an individual to make personal change. So, when all is said and done, you still have to deal with you. And dealing with your food choices means dealing with the culture you were brought up in, your child memories, your personal spending habits, what your friends eat and everything else that makes you who you are.

So what do we do and what does this mean?

While the facts about diet and CO2 make clear sense, I wouldn't rely on the recent excitement over global warming to cause a new food-movement the way it has caused an eco-movement. Although it probably will have the hybrid fan club think twice about dinner tonight.

The bigger shift in the food movement is going to come from raw & conscious foods. Why? Because raw food really works. That may sound weird, but it is actually pretty straight forward. Eating a vegetarian diet does have health benefits, but most vegetarian diets are still so processed, that the benefits you get from not eating meat are masked by the fact that the food is still highly processed.

But eating raw is different! You eat a primarily raw food diet for 2 weeks and the shift in energy, mood and clarity hits you like nothing you'd felt before. Try it for 6 months and you'd swear you discovered the fountain of youth. And that's if you are already in good health. If you have disease or some major health issue, there is an amazing chance you get completely get rid of them by going raw. I know this, you know this - or you are at least learning about this. Now we're just waiting on the consciousness to spread. And spreading it is - from one person to another until a huge chuck on this country has created a tipping point that just requires a tiny push to flood an entire nation with a new type of freedom - freedom be healthy.

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