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Global Warming & Global Consciousness

Posted Sep 14 2008 5:29pm


I'm just itching to see An Inconvenient Truth this weekend. To me this movie is more than just a movie. It is a representation of the rapid acceleration and openness of the collective consciousness. Basically that's spiritual talk for the fact that our society is more aware than ever. It is unfortunate, however, that our society is, if you look at the real science, on a path of total self destruction. But my honest feeling is that it couldn't have ended up any other way. It is the nature of things, in the current time we live in, to get better and worse all at the same time.

Now, because our society is at an interesting juxtaposition an interesting opening has accrued. That opening, if harnessed, is an opportunity for creative and authentic conversations to set the agenda for what's to come. True transformation that has real impact.

Successful movies like this make me really optimistic. Optimistic and excited to tell others that if you have an authentic message that you feel can transform the lives of others, please share it like you've never shared it before. So many times we hold back because we think there aren't people out there that would be open to what we have to say. Well...people are listening.

Even 5 years ago this movie would have been a total flop.

p.s. A really interesting thing happens when people start to eat raw food. Not only do they feel and look better, but they also feel a deeper appreciation for nature - a really connection to the earth. Not in a tree hugger way, nothing wrong with that of course, but in a way that carries respect. My take is that raw food and organic nutrition is going to play a crucial role in the Global Warming agenda - even though it hasn't really done so yet. I think a Fast Food Nation meets An Inconvenient Truth type movie would really get people present to the understanding that outer pollution is directly related to inner pollution. Hey.. you never know!


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