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Posted Apr 01 2009 2:45pm

She says :


What is beauty?

Let’s clarify a few myths upfront. We’re not going to talk about your inner beauty; Of course that factors in. But, when we have split ends that look like pubic hair, Zilla skin, a Unibrow or spare tire for a waist, we just don’t look HOT! Let’s be REAL about it! There ARE tricks that actually WORK and we are going to spill them all right here, right now. It’s also all about how you think, what you do, the choices you make and personal responsibility~ not some esoteric mumbo-jumbo. We women are practical creatures and want practical ideas, albeit with flair. This book is girl-talk with purpose and punch. We are going to kick the spank out of any complacency, shame or guilt that you may have picked up about your looks over the years, and dial-in a whole new sassy, sexy, Stylin’ YOU!

Let’s talk, Girlfriend! About Getting Naked…literally and metaphorically, let’s strip down and talk about YOUR body, how you really feel and why…and then let’s stand up straight and tall and systematically take on the unforgivable in-growns, tired eye-bags, calloused heels, droopy boobs and crow’s feet, all the while growing in Beauty Confidence every step of the way. Style counts, too. Its not about hemlines and lipstick shades anymore, Sunshine…Its about YOU taking care of your exquisite self and learning how to bring out your SPARKLE and SHINE, anytime, anywhere.

We KNOW a secret, and we want to share it with you. EVERY woman IS beautiful, or CAN be! It’s not only your RIGHT to be beautiful, but your best hand…A man’s power is power; a woman’s power is Beauty. Beauty isn’t vanity, its VIRTUE. Beauty uplifts the human spirit wherever it is encountered. YOUR beauty is as unique as a snowflake (even if it is hiding under a snow bank!). Sometimes we need to hone it, refine what our Grand Diva, Mother Nature, gave us.

Unfortunately, we have been fed a lot of crap about what we have to do to gloss our lips or smooth our cellulite…Our pretty little heads just KNOW there is a better way to get what we want without all the chemicals, toxic ingredients and uninspiring routines…It is a new day, and women everywhere are awakening to the truth about the cosmetic industry, our food sources, and even the power of our thoughts for attaining STUNNING RESULTS. In computer language it is GIGO~ GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT. Pretty simple! It really is time to delete the old programs and freshen up our beauty regimes. We have divided everything up in to cute little ‘sex-ions’, hehe, for easy referencing and are going to be WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. So SIS-STAR, grab a comfy throw to curl up in, kick your shoes off, stretch out your feline body and get comfy for the ride…


p.s. I know… Do YOU know ? And what is it all about ?


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