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Get Naked From The Inside Out

Posted Jul 02 2009 2:06am



  “Beauty is only skin deep”

  “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

  “Beauty comes from within”


We all contemplate beauty. Where does it come from, how do we get it, how do we hold on to it? It’s the simplest, yet most difficult question. What does it all mean?  “Beauty is only skin deep” is a powerful statement about what society has dubbed beautiful. And it suggests that although someone may be genetically pre-disposed to “good looks” on the outside, that they may not be as beautiful on the inside.  “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” is a statement that broadens our consciousness of what beauty can be. It enables us to sculpt and shape our own definitions of what it means, and allows the artistry of beauty to be subjective and expansive. Yet,  “Beauty comes from within” is the most profound of all these statements. The idea that beauty originates deep within the body takes us beyond the visual concept of beauty and into a deeper understanding of the energetic flow of good health and vibrance. It highlights how inner beauty emanates up through the tissues and organs, and out through the skin to reveal an internal and external beauty that shines through all our physical characteristics.


So, how do we tap into our inner beauty? The truth is that we all have the same innate potential for radiant beauty, and all we need are the tools and “know how” to work in harmony with our body to fully realize it. Beauty is simply a synergistic balance between diet and lifestyle; it’s what you eat and how you eat it, as well as what you do and how you do it. True beauty is achieved when all aspects of our “self” are clean, pure, and authentic: clean of judgment, pure of thought, and authentically aligned with nature.    The bottom line is health is beautiful! Eating an alkaline, plant-based diet of clean, pure, authentic Naked Nourishment will cleanse, support, and revitalize you from the inside out. Experience the transformative power of your body to reveal itself.


The beautifying effects of eating live food will instantly transform the way you see yourself and how you define beauty. Every concept of what you previously envisioned as beautiful will begin to shift, and the gorgeous, unique piece of art that you are, will begin to emerge. From the moment you choose to live a nourishing lifestyle, your beauty and radiance will instantly begin to surface and express itself through your physical body.    You will begin to effortlessly shed unwanted weight that resulted from toxic overload, your skin will brighten and smooth, and your eyes will sparkle with the inner vibrancy of your true nature. Almost instantly, you will look more rested and relaxed, and in fact, resting is exactly what your body will be doing internally, as it no longer needs to struggle for balance and survival.    Once you start putting live food into your body it will immediately feel like it has gone on vacation, and with excitement and glee, it will naturally take on a glow of contentment.


Nourish yourself and allow your own inner beauty to emerge.


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