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Gardening, Exercise, and S**t-Talkers

Posted Jan 27 2009 6:20pm

The Owl is Looking out for Pigeon Intruders...

You can't really blame the pigeons for wanting to be near the in this city isn't exactly the most connecting thing to nature. Did you know pigeons are still raised for meat in many areas of the world? Even in the Midwest, where they eat nothing but grains and corn, people still eat them. Anyways...

The garden is going bananas recently. And its the near the end of October. There is absolutely no reason for your garden to be empty after October 1st. It could actually be the most productive time in regards to high-mineral greens.

The Lacinato Kale is a deep dark green, the Southern Collards are huge and making great wraps. I like to use a little nut butter blended with Sun-dried Tomatoes, sprouts, sliced cukes, and shredded radishes. Roll it all up like a burrito or a nori roll and...HEAVEN!!!

The Broccoli is charging...but no florets yet. I eat the bottom leaves though. Everything is going really well. Its all about good soil, and watering every other day. The damn aphids are a problem, and I never got ladybugs because I thought it would be too cold for them by now. WRONG. I still wipe their leaves clean whenever I can, and make sure they are getting enough warm water with sea salt.

However, according to this joker below, Im raising these poor plants so I can cruelly devour them and take their lives away. Check it out...

"While I understand what your saying about not eating animals, you kind of disregard the fact that your eating other living creatures in the plant kingdom.Plants are just as much as living as animals! Why is it ok to eat them, and not ok to eat an animal?There has been studies that have shown that plants feel pain, plants listen, plants communicate, and plants know what are going on around them much like a human does.When a caterpillar or a human tries to eat them, they will send out chemicals to try to repel them.They clearly don't want to be eaten! So what does that say?They might not have a inner body system like us, but they have life in them, they have blood, which is known as chlorophyll."

So what do you think? First off...everyone please look into this book. I've read it and watched the corresponding documentary. I realize that plants are indeed living and conscious creatures. However, plants give us fruit to eat so that we spread their seeds. This causes them nothing but beneficial results. And a person can eat many leaves off of a plant and the plant will still be alive if not healthier in the long term because of the pruning. David Wolfe writes very well about this issue. Its all about good and bad karma while eating. Eating roots and tubers like beets and carrots obviously kills the plant. I believe that we aren't supposed to eat the roots, just the greens. And if not, what should we eat? What do you suggest ANONYMOUS? Maybe I should learn how to sun-gaze and study breatharianism.

And to equate animal suffering with plant suffering seems a bit nit-picky. We can go back and forth forever, but in REALITY...we must eat the diet we are made for. Green leaves, fruits, and a small amount of nuts and seeds. Am I going to label the horse as a tyrant because it eats all of that defenseless grass? How about the lion that eats zebras? This is what they are supposed to eat, and I suggest that humans do the same thing. Yes, plants are living things, and they dont want to be chewed on any more than I do, but this is the game of life we are in, and we must play according to the rules. To raise and destroy billions of innocent animals that we are not supposed to eat anyways is asinine beyond belief. That is what I must speak out against...that needless cruelty and suffering that affects them AND us extremely negatively.

I have to admit that I love these people that bring up this gives me that eye-rolling laugh that I need once in a while. Fruitarianism is great, but you have to get the green leaves in there somehow. Im basically a fruitarian anyways, besides the sea vegetables and minuscule amount of nuts that I eat. But you have to eat the greens. Study the primate diets and you will see that this is what is for us. Plant suffering or not...we need to eat green leaves.

Maybe the day will come when people stand outside of jamba juice and dump green liquid all over people to label them as plant murderers like they did with red paint for fur coats back in the day. Why isnt THAT still going on? If you wear a fur coat...I'm sorry...I love you, but you are seriously deranged and need help NOW. Wearing dead carcasses as fashion is MESSED UP.

Exercise Anyone?

This is what I do...(besides trying to look SOOO serious)

You must realize that its all about long-term CONSISTENCY. The tortoise wins the race every time. No Joke. Little things done consistently ADD UP.

I used to be BIG into going to the gym. When I was there I was totally focused on my workout. I realized that I was working way too hard though. Way too much cardio when I could have just eaten earlier at night and cut out more sugar. Thats the great thing about raw foods...if you do it right and eat earlier before you sleep, you really dont have to work out that much. You will lean up naturally, and your muscles will start to show. And by doing muscle exercises, your heart-rate will beat at the fat-burning rate...its all good. I gave up the gym, and do everything at home or do my power-walks on the Hudson River Parkway.

I do push-ups whenever my chest isn't sore. I do them until I cant do anymore...even on my knees, and then right at the end, I try to suspend myself right in the middle until it BURNS. MAKE IT BURN. Thats the idea. A nice combo is to flip onto your back in between your push-up sets and do crunches. Again...make it burn. Slow and steady...make it hurt. I also do leg raises to focus on my lower abdominals. SLOW.... thats chest and stomach. What else? For biceps, triceps, and shoulders, I use a 12 lb weight that I bought for $10. Its not very heavy at all for the biceps, but again, I do it slow and really squeeze hard during every rep. My arms still get sore the next day. I like to do arms while watching a documentary. I also do some twists and boxing moves while I watch something...along with jump rope whenever I have the time to go up on the roof and do it. Thats really a good one to include, and so affordable. For balance and endurance and breathing, jump-rope cannot be beat. And I still do some power-walking while listening to an audiobook or a podcast. I used to need high energy music while I did that stuff, but now I see it as a missed opportunity to learn something. Do what works for you.

Simple, eh? Its really about doing it consistently every day that you are able to. That is where the results come from. Not some fancy gym membership and working out really hard 2-3 times a week while still trashing your body with cooked and processed foods. Your progress with greatly accelerate by avoiding late night eating, and working out before breakfast as well. Pretty soon you will be able to see veins under your skin, and thats when you know you are really shedding the fat.

LONG POST AGAIN! Sorry everyone...I was thinking about doing the exercise post for later, but Id hate to break the there it was. I'll do a Q & A post soon in case you have any questions that you want answered directly.

Stay juicy and remember...little things ADD UP. Consistency is the winner...persistence cannot lose.

Peace and love for all creatures (EXCEPT PLANTS!! CHOMP CHOMP!!!).
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