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From Pimple Potion Junkie to Natural Beauty Ninja: A Natural Beauty Makeover Miracle Story by Paula Davis [Before & After Pics!]

Posted Aug 19 2012 5:24am
Written by Tera on August 19, 2012 – -

by Paula Davis

I must confess, I was a pimple potion junkie for years.  Running into the local toxic beauty product hot spot, I did my best not to be noticed. Sometimes, wearing ever-so-subtle dark glasses and a baseball cap,  I would go to get my fix and hit the road.  You see, I knew these products were made with synthetic, toxic and even carcinogenic ingredients, but I was desperate!  For decades, I’d been in an all-out commando battle with cystic acne.

I cut out gluten and dairy. I had my daily green smoothie or juice and ate my leafy greens and colorful veggies and fruits every day.  Sprouted buckwheat, quinoa and millet were staples with raw nuts and seeds typically in my pocket.  But, I still had acne and I had it bad.

Nothing seemed to do the trick.

Time and time again I would try a new pimple potion, lotion or serum.  I tried everything from expensive designer products, department store brands, infomercial goods and even the so-called “natural” product lines.  My skin would improve for a week or two, sometimes I’d get lucky and would see improvement for a month, but then it would return and with gusto.

As a health coach, I was more than embarrassed about my skin, I was absolutely ashamed.  Almost afraid to look my clients in the eye, I was supposed to look great, at least, that’s what my clients expected.

How can I be a successful health coach with acne? 

It wasn’t good for business. It wasn’t good for my marriage. (I wasn’t feeling all that sexy, if you know what I mean!)  So, with my husband’s urging, I went to a dermatologist, who told me it didn’t matter what I ate or what I applied to my skin, acne was a genetic condition and the only remedy that would help was taking a product like Accutane.  I knew Accutane would shut off oil production to my face, not to mention the rest of my body, and stop the acne once and for all.  Even though my husband really wanted me to go this route, the side effects were too many to mention and I just couldn’t jeopardize my well-being because of zits!

It never occurred to me that maybe my pimple potions were actually causing my pimples until I read a blog post of Tera’s promoting a new program, The 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover.

To say I was hesitant was an understatement, but I was definitely intrigued.  My doggy ears turned up, and my eyes got big whenever I heard or came across a new zit zapping solution.

But, this was different. It was a philosophy and routine I hadn’t tried and there weren’t too many options I hadn’t tried at some time or another. I had used natural remedies in the past but always in a haphazard fashion, never in a methodical manner.

I signed up knowing I was going to have to make a serious change and ditch every single container of toxic “beauty” care products in my bathroom!

When I took the giant trash bag to the garbage, I felt dizzy with dollar signs spinning around my head.  The amount of money I had spent over the years on this was unbelievable!!

For the first couple of weeks, my skin felt soft and less irritated, the acne seemed to be healing.  But, one night I went to bed and the next day and for several weeks thereafter, my skin began to purge each and every toxic chemical I had ever applied to it!!

My skin looked so horrible for several weeks, but I knew that my routine wasn’t the problem so I just kept trusting the process and I stuck with it!

My husband thought I had lost my mind. “What are you doing to your skin!!?” he would ask.  “It’s never looked so bad.”

I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t go back.  I was done with the toxic stuff and I was committed to seeing this through.  I had acne for years, I couldn’t expect to change it in just a few weeks!

My daily routine was simple: I washed my face with a cloth and a cleansing oil and finished with a lavender and tea tree oil splash.  Then I’d apply aloe vera, straight from the plant, to help with the inflammation and aid healing.

For stubborn bumps at night, I’d apply thyme essential oil. straight seabuckthorn oil and go to bed.  I smelled odd, and I stained my sheets, but I kept at it.

In the morning I’d cleanse and tone in the same manner, but this time I’d add  a drop of thyme and a drop of coconut oil, then mix and apply to any existing and or healing bumps and spots. Then I’d apply a bit more coconut oil to moisturize.

Since I had dumped all my toxic cosmetics, I picked up a natural mascara and consealer to reduce the hyper-pigmentation  of  my healing face and used a blushing balm for cheek and lip color. That’s it, folks!

Slowly my skin began to improve!  New breakouts were appearing less and less and when they did, they healed much more quickly than they had in the past.

Keeping my hands off my face was devilishly hard, but I managed.

It took several months, but the results were startling. 

When I would run into friends or clients I hadn’t seen in a while, they were blown away and couldn’t believe how beautiful my skin looked.  “What are you using?!” was the first thing out of their mouths. Whatever it was, they wanted it, too.

I talked about the 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover so much, I could have tattooed the web address on my forehead!  But instead I wriggled my way into Tera Warner’s world of Tera Warner by applying for the most recent internship program and got my foot and my glowing, pimple-free face in the door.

While the 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover may not be in everyone’s budget, I wanted to get on board and work with Tera to create a mini-makeover so that  every woman (and her cosmetic-loving companions) could have the chance to see how it all works and get a taste of what natural beauty can do!

If you are struggling with acne, wrinkles, saggy skin, bags under the eyes, spots, stains or any other beauty blues, consider the possibility that your toxic beauty products may actually be the cause of your problems, and march your beautiful booty right on over to our 10-Day Natural Beauty Mini-Makeover.

Once you sign up, over the next 10 days you’ll get a sense of what’s possible when you put the petrochemicals aside and start letting flower power work its magic on you! Get a taste of the BE Beauty 30-Day Natural Beauty Makeover! It’s completely FREE and anyone can do it!


When you invite three friends to join you on the free mini-makeover, we’ll pass along a free e-book loaded with articles, natural beauty recipes and more!

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  1. By Jeana on Aug 21, 2012

    Hi Paula!
    Thank you for sharing your story! You do truly glow. I’m curious. What was the brand of natural mascara you use? I love mascara when put on make-up, but I have struggled to find a good mascara.



    Reply by Paula on August 21st, 2012

    Thanks, Jeana! It’s a little unnerving to have those pimple pictures out there for the whole world to see; but, the end results are pretty cool and that’s what I wanted to share with everyone! I’ve tried a variety of mascaras, can’t say I am totally in love with any one of them. Have you tried 100% Pure mascara?


    Reply by Jeana on August 22nd, 2012

    Hi again!
    I was going to mention how incredibly brave you were to post your pics. But I resisted. But truly it is so brave to be vulnerable like that and to put yourself out there when you may not feel like you were looking your best. As far as mascara goes . . . no, I haven’t tried 100% Pure yet. But I definitely will soon. It seems to be the one everyone is going to these days. Thanks again! Jeana


  2. By Jenn Ryan on Aug 22, 2012

    Paula!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED this blog! You are so inspiring, and I must say that every single word resonated with me. You are so courageous, and I also participated and adored the BE Beauty program. Keep up your amazing work, Miss Glow! :)


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