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Frisky Friday Freebies & The Simple Gourmet Giveaway

Posted Nov 11 2011 10:11pm
Written by Rachelle Fordyce on November 11, 2011 – -

- by Rachelle Fordyce

Well, today’s Novermber 11, 2011 — the big 11-11-11!  And it just so happens to fall on a Friday… A Frisky Friday, that is!

If you’re new around her, then let me be the first to tell you: Every Friday we start a new giveaway where we give away fun and frisky freebies every week… and it’s really super easy to earn yourself entries in the draw for these awesome-tastic freebies, too! (Just read more for the details on how to enter to win!)

As for last week’s Frisky Friday Freebie giveaway, we announced our intent to give away free sample packs of Tera’s Herbal Loose Leaf Tera to 3 lucky winners!!! …. Well, the winners have been drawn, and the 3 trios of Tera’s Tea Samplers go to… Mel, Nancy, and Jolene! 

Woo hoo! Congratz you three!

We hope you’ll enjoy the soon-to-be yours tasty yet tranquil trio of Tera’s Teas. :)   Expect to receive an email from us sometime in the very near future to finalize the details for sending you your teas in the post!

Now… for THIS week’s Frisky Friday Freebie, we thought we should do something a little special… you know, it being 11-11-11 and all. And, not being able to beat the inherent simplicity of 1 (and 11),  we’ve decided to give away ELEVEN copies of our recipe e-book The Simple Gourmet!

SomThe Simple Gourmet keeps things simple.etimes people struggle to include more Raw Food recipes in their diet because they just don’t know where to begin or what to do.

This book makes it easy and is loaded with recipes that simply cannot go wrong.

You don’t need to be a kitchen wiz to make the recipes in this book. You just need to know how to read, use a knife and have an appetite!

Stop finding reasons why “Raw Food” is too hard to do, buy a copy of The Simple Gourmet and start living the benefits of a healthier, TASTIER, more colorful diet and lifestyle!

Here are just some of the recipes in The Simple Gourmet:

The Simple Gourmet keeps things Real... AND delicious!

  • Scroobious Tacos with Ninja Sauce (For the kids!)
  • Pot O’ Captain’s Chili and Cornbread
  • I Love Broccoli Salad, with Cashew Mayonnaise
  • You Can’t Believe It’s Not Meatloaf!
  • Decadent Hazelnut Chocolate Cherry Cookies
  • Strawberry Soup with Ice Cream
  • Many, many more recipes that will knock the cooked food socks off just about anyone who tries these recipes out for themselves.
  • Impress your guests with raw food! This is the “quick and easy” version of those fancy schmancy raw food recipe books. But “simple” preparation doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice TASTE. You’ll find tacos, chili and cornbread, along with some fun original creations. Also get some tips on choosing and storing live foods, sprouting, nutritional benefits of fruits and veggies, and more!

    If you’re already a long time raw foodie, then this book offers you some delightfully unusual classic recipe replacements you may not have tried, like “Fairy in the Woods” salad and “Alive in Italy” bread. … Mmmm… not quite just like Mama used to make, but better!

    11 lucky winners will each receive a copy of The Simple Gourmet

    To enter the giveaway, all you need to do is leave a comment below sharing with us why you LOVE raw gourmet (un)cooking!

    Tweet this: 

    The Raw Recipes from Simple Gourmet sound Simply DELICIOUS! Please sign me up to enter this giveaway. I wanna WIN THIS!

    Then come back here and leave us a comment telling us about it!

    “Like” the TeraWarner page at
    Then come back here and leave us a comment letting us know you “liked” the page!

    If you’ve already liked the Tera Warner fan page on Facebook, let us know with a comment below, and we’ll still put an extra entry for you in the draw!

  • The contest will end Thursday night, November 17th @11:59pm Eastern.
  • We’ll enter everyone’s name into a drawing and announce the winner here on the blog on Friday, November 18th!
  • The winners will be contacted by email with further details to receive your FREE copy of The Simple Gourmet.
  • …It’s simply mah-velous!

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    1. By isabel p on Nov 12, 2011

      i enjoy eating raw foods because i feel lighter, less bloated and have amazing clarity and energy.

      (un)cooking is an adventure to me and i love the stuff i end up making which turns out tasty and so satisfying…clean up is much easier too!


    2. By isabel p on Nov 12, 2011

      i just sent you a tweet about this…the message is a bit too long so i abbreviated a bit…lol


    3. By amy zokaites on Nov 12, 2011

      I love gourmet uncooking because it helps me get in touch with my inner artist. I can take all of the beautiful colors and create an extremely unique painting of raw goodness.


    4. By amy zokaites on Nov 12, 2011

      I also liked your facebook page :)


    5. By Naraleska on Nov 12, 2011

      Woohoo!! I simply love raw food! it is astonishing how good it makes you feel and how beautiful it makes you look and to top that it keeps you healthy hahahaha! love it!


    6. By Naraleska on Nov 12, 2011

      I liked Tera’s facebook page, I didn’t know she had a fan page! good to know!


    7. By Naraleska on Nov 12, 2011

      I don’t have tweet but I posted it on my facebook profile


    8. By Allie.duckienz on Nov 12, 2011

      Raw gourmet is amazing. I wanted to have a raw vegan 30th bday and my fiancee made me a raw chocolate cake. It was the best cake I have EVER tasted. A little too rich even for me. I was the person who could have eaten an entire cake in the past. I love that my body feels ALIVE now. Thanks for the chance to win this :D


    9. By Allie.Duckienz on Nov 12, 2011

      Don’t tweet sorry.


      Reply by Allie.Duckienz on November 12th, 2011

      but I ‘liked’ this page so others will be drawn to it :D


    10. By Allie.Duckienz on Nov 12, 2011

      AND I have been a fan of Tera’s on FB for aaaagggggeees :P


    11. By Sharon on Nov 12, 2011

      I don’t tweet or do facebook, but sure have been blessed by becoming acquainted with the Raw Diva site through e-mail months & months ago! I share that with friends regularly.

      The Raw Recipes from Simply Gourmet sounds Simply DELICIOUS! Please sign me up to enter this give-away. I wanna WIN THIS!!

      I really really want to win this!



    12. By angie on Nov 12, 2011

      i love raw un-cooking because of the noticeable differences it makes in my energy, my happiness, my health (no stomach pains or heartburn)….it just makes me feel amazing!


    13. By lori brooker on Nov 12, 2011

      i liked Tera’s fan facebook page, didnt know she had one.

      im new to raw foods and noticed the difference i feel eating more live food and veggies in general. my gut certainly appreciates it. Tmi?


    14. By leslie on Nov 12, 2011

      I love raw gourmet cooking because not only does it taste great, you get the bonus of feeling amazing after eating a meal (the opposite of the aftermath of a S.A.D. feast!).


    15. By Lori on Nov 12, 2011

      Hey Tera

      Well I love raw food, never tried gourmet but I would like to try some of the recipes and it will help me in my journey of “I know this is right!” :)


    16. By Lori on Nov 12, 2011

      Hey I tweeted The Raw Recipes from Simple Gourmet sound Simply DELICIOUS! Please sign me up to enter this giveaway. I wanna WIN THIS!

      but I had to take take out I wanna win this as there were over 140 characters… lol

      :) Lori


      Reply by Rachelle Fordyce on November 12th, 2011

      Hi Lori (and anyone else reading this),

      I tested it, and it’s exactly 140 characters! If you copied and pasted, it might have added an extra space at the very end, which you’d have to delete. Otherwise, it’s good to go!

      Thanks so much though, of course we’ll still enter you in the draw!



    17. By Jaime on Nov 12, 2011

      I love raw food because it keeps me from having a crohn’s disease flare up. it has “cured” my “incurable” disease.


    18. By debbie malina on Nov 12, 2011

      i’m trying to be as Raw as possible…………..sometimes i run out of ideas……………….so when i do i can always depend on you for good recipes and ideas………….<3<3<3


    19. By Leah Z. on Nov 12, 2011

      I love gourmet raw because it is something fun and ‘fancy’ I can still make without cooking! These recipes sound awesome and I really need some fun, fast ideas for my family!
      Thank you once again for such a generous giveaway!! I would love this.


    20. By Leah Z. on Nov 12, 2011

      I have previously liked your facebook page!


    21. By Kim on Nov 12, 2011

      I love learning more about “un cooking” all the time.


    22. By Erin on Nov 12, 2011

      I LOVE raw gourmet raw (un)cooking. It’s so much fun and the results are so satisfying. I love having fun and having fun making and eating delicious, healthy and pretty raw food meals. I also love that cleanup is quick and easy.

      I can make these raw recipes and offer them to my son and husband, and they HAVE to LOVE them and feel great!

      So pick me as a winner so I can use these recipes to tempt my family into being healthy with these healthy and delicious recipes. Can you see me jumping up and down so happy to have won these delicious, easy, fun and healthy recipes??? YES!

      Pick me, Pick me…


    23. By Annie on Nov 12, 2011

      Good afternoon! I love uncooking because it’s so natural. When you eat, all you taste is flavor! You aren’t left with that gnarly, chemical after-taste. Plus, it’s just the way food was intended to be eaten, plain & simple.

      Thanks a bunch & keep up the FABULOUS work!


    24. By Caroline on Nov 12, 2011

      I love raw gourmet un-cooking because it is the most profound way to show love and respect for my body and for the environment. I would really love to win this book cause it would help me get out of my rutt. thanks


    25. By cj on Nov 12, 2011

      i love raw gourmet cooking because i can always make a really good meal and dessert and i can enoy them knowing that what im eating is good for me !!


    26. By cj on Nov 12, 2011



    27. By Sarah R on Nov 12, 2011

      I am new to raw and am coming to realize that simple is the way to go until I get more adept at this raw thing. That book looks great and I like the kid friendly aspects. I liked your new facebook page. I didn’t know that you had a different one.


    28. By Susanne on Nov 12, 2011

      LIKED your new FB page!


    29. By sean on Nov 12, 2011

      Its simple, Raw food is the best, taste the best gives you lots more energy, helps get rid of problems like bloating and stops you feeling lethargic, you dont get sick eating raw, it makes you feel awesome from the inside out, makes your skin glow and did i mention how Awesome it taste.


    30. By Susanne on Nov 12, 2011

      Eating RAW LIVING food is an all-around WIN for us, animals, and Mother Earth! It makes me feel RADIANT!!


    31. By Karen Graham on Nov 12, 2011

      I like raw cooking not only for it’s healthy aspect but because it is easier and faster.


    32. By Wendy Groen on Nov 12, 2011

      I enjoy raw eating because as a recovering cancer patient I am able to regain and reclaim my health through plant based foods. It gives me more energy every day and a renewed sense of wholeness. It also enables me to teach my children a way to eat to stay healthy and dis-ease free. Thank you for this opportunity to gain another resource.


    33. By Carol on Nov 12, 2011

      I love raw food because it makes me feel good. I see the positive effects in my body.


    34. By kevin on Nov 12, 2011

      ummm.. cause raw foods have helped me recover from a pretty nasty health crisis.. and I haven’t felt as great as I do -raw.. :)


    35. By Dianne on Nov 12, 2011

      “Like” the TeraWarner page at . Done and done…


    36. By Dianne on Nov 12, 2011

      I want to love raw food so I need a good cookbook so hubby will eat it too.


    37. By kevin on Nov 12, 2011

      I just -liked your FB Tera Warner page.. heh prolly won’t win but am having fun anyway :)


    38. By Padma on Nov 12, 2011

      raw foods make me feel light, vibrant, alert and connected with the earth. And if I would win this wonderful e-book…:-))…I would feel even more often light, vibrant, alert and connected with the earth.


    39. By Sarah on Nov 12, 2011

      I love to eat raw foods because they make me feel awesome!!


    40. By Deb Kay on Nov 12, 2011

      I already like the Tera Warner page. Please enter my name to win the cookbook. I love raw gourmet cooking because it’s so healthful, easy, and fun.


    41. By Mally on Nov 12, 2011

      Because It´s Loveable, Enjoyable, Eatable, Tasteable and Colorful;)


    42. By Lori on Nov 12, 2011

      Last but not least.. I “like” on facebook

      :) Lori


    43. By Amanda Cassar Torregiani on Nov 12, 2011

      (un)cooking = (un)clogging,(un)locking, (un)bracing,(un)burdening,(un)folding,(un)winding, (un)earthing, (un)leashing, (un)veiling, (un)limited, (un)daunting, (un)ashamedly (un)animously (un)surpassed, (un)failingly, (un)reservedly, (un)doubtedly (un)forgettable.
      I liked


    44. By Daryl Mills on Nov 12, 2011


      I had bad dandruff for years, in fact it was so bad it was almost snow.
      I changed my diet and within a few weeks – gone.
      Food IS the answer in more ways then one – it helps our bodies AND our SOUL.


    45. By drue hartwell on Nov 12, 2011

      I just started raw about 5 or 6 weeks ago. I studied it for awhile, but was always intimidated. then i went to a gathering and had the best food ever. I have been eating about 80-90% raw most weeks, and then on some tough weeks, maybe 50 -60%. But I always incorporate some raw into any meal. I tell you, my skin has gotten better, I’ve lost sooooooo many inches, not just pounds and I just feel all over better. The biggest thing I noticed was a loss of cravings for sweets which had always been my downfall. I’ve not been able to afford a nice uncookbook, so have used recipes off the internet, so I would love to win a copy of your book. RAW is the way and I will never stop having this be a big part of my diet. I even hate to say diet, because it’s not about deprivation, it’s about health and good food.


    46. By Deb on Nov 12, 2011

      I like raw food because it gives me more energy and I just FEEL better!


    47. By Deb on Nov 12, 2011

      I liked the facebook page and I retweeted it! :-)


    48. By Ana on Nov 12, 2011

      I love uncooking!! Makes me feel happier and lighter !:) I would love a copy of this book eating raw is easy just getting a little tired of same recipes will love new ones!:)


    49. By Kelly Muise on Nov 12, 2011

      I love raw food because it keeps my immune system boosted and keeps my skin clear. :)
      I already liked you on facebook.


    50. By Shannon Buckley on Nov 12, 2011

      I love cooking raw and I also “liked” your page.


    51. By Charlotte miller on Nov 12, 2011

      Its just tasting a delicious painting
      You give pleasure to your eyes on looking at it
      You See your all those colours
      And then your taste buds gets so exited
      And then you just delicately place the food in your mouth
      It’s heavenly


    52. By Martine on Nov 12, 2011

      I love it because it’s so easy and makes you feel amazing! AND impresses guests with its simple creative artistry,


    53. By julie Rennert on Nov 12, 2011

      i need this book! Trying to heal myself from Fibromyalgia


    54. By Melanie on Nov 12, 2011

      I had already “liked” Tera’s Facebook page, which is how I found out about this contest!! :)

      There are two main reasons why I love raw gourmet cooking, and they are:

      1. Chopping, dicing and preparing foods in their raw, whole form feels so natural to me, and satisfies some innate need/hunger within me. It’s so hard to explain. Whenever I hold the raw foods in my hands, and as I prepare meals with them, whether it’s a smoothie, an elegant salad, or a well planned and meticulously orchestrated dinner entree, I always feel more connected to the food than if I was cooking it on the stove, in the oven, or in a crockpot. Getting my bare hands on the food, without changing its own natural state creates a unique bond for me. (so hard to explain this!!) It’s definitely my main love and attraction to raw uncooking, because that connection I feel with the food also makes me feel strongly connected to nature and its life force & energy (which I believe is the same life force & energy in every living thing). As a result, it calms and grounds me, lifts me up, energizes me — it’s basically therapeutic yoga and spiritual earth-mama meditation for my hands and senses! :)

      2. Once I start prepping my raw meals, I immediately start salivating. I can’t wait to savor each crunch and taste each individual flavor! And the more raw meals I eat, the more raw foods I crave…..which is beyond exhilarating!!! And just like that, I am now craving a huge bowl of red leaf lettuce, Lacinato kale, shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, avocado, diced apples, and chopped pecans. yummmmmmm (I love that this craving just pounced upon my tastebuds!!!)

      ox M


    55. By Lori on Nov 12, 2011

      I love waking up hungry in the morning – I usually feel this after eating a raw dinner.


    56. By Casi Leigh on Nov 12, 2011

      Those recipes sounds fantastic!


      Reply by Casi Leigh on November 12th, 2011

      Oh, almost forgot….I love how little time it takes to make something that fills me up completely. <3


    57. By Casi Leigh on Nov 12, 2011

      I liked the FB page.


    58. By Patricia Kay on Nov 12, 2011

      The raw dishes I have tried thus far have become some of my new favorites and I have converted my husband on a few. Would so love to have a whole new recipe book to go with my new way of eating.


    59. By Kathy R. on Nov 12, 2011

      I’ve been experimenting with some raw gourmet tastes and treats, and having a great time. I’m serious about the raw lifestyle changes necessary for me for optimal health. I love the anti-aging benefits that can come with a natural raw foods diet, I feel more energy and clear headed.


    60. By Patricia Kay on Nov 12, 2011

      I like Tera Warner’s FB page !


    61. By Kathy R. on Nov 13, 2011

      I’m already a fan on Facebook, Tera.


    62. By Lauren on Nov 13, 2011

      My Love for Raw Food is not only in the preparation of it, but in the journey I am finding myself on with it! It is magical! It is magical for my being and my soul, emotionally and physically! An amazing healing and creative process as a whole lifestyle, as well as within every meal I prepare! I am looking forward to these experiences with some fresh inspiration:) Thank You! Bless You! I couldn’t have done it without You, your words of wisdon, or your constant & beautiful inspiration thus far.

      P.S. I have liked your page on facebook for long time now, and I dont Tweet at this point in my life xxx


    63. By yvonne on Nov 13, 2011

      Really looking for SIMPLE ways to become Raw.. and not too much dehydrating or long drawn out planning sessions. If I’m to accomplish my goal in this, I need it to be simple for even with my family not going Raw, I will do better if I can provide my own meals then only add an item or two for them, rather than doing two whole meals. I do want very much to see this cook book .. it sounds like a good match.


    64. By Charlotte miller on Nov 13, 2011

      Its so exiting to prepare.So wonderful to look at and so delicious to to eat


    65. By Kornelia on Nov 13, 2011

      The tweet done! I have to shorten it though (please to plz) because the sentence was 3 caracters too long ;-) )).
      And why do I like raw? It’s crunchy, juicy and energizing. Just like Tera and her team!!! Miam.


      Reply by Kornelia on November 13th, 2011

      Miam in French = Yummy in English. Nothing to do with Miami….


    66. By Naraleska on Nov 13, 2011

      It astonishes me how just simple raw veggies and fruits can taste so good and look so beautiful. I don’t stop to be amazed! I just want to learn more and more !!


    67. By Karen Havling on Nov 13, 2011

      I’m fairly new to raw foods – I am on a healing journey recuperating from a recent bout with and diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. After 1 month, I am having no stomach issues and am feeling less fatigued.


    68. By Karen Havling on Nov 13, 2011

      I also “liked” Tera’s page! :)


    69. By Tricia on Nov 13, 2011

      I have only recently begun my raw food journey, but fell in love with it right away! I do have trouble keeping myself close to 100% raw only because my spouse is not totally into making the raw vegan transition with me. I’m working on balancing it all.

      I am loving all the new recipes I’m finding, but need more simple and quick ones! Could really use this book!


    70. By Tricia on Nov 13, 2011

      Just tweeted the giveaway!


    71. By Tricia on Nov 13, 2011

      Liked Tera Warner’s Facebook page!


    72. By Karin on Nov 13, 2011

      I love raw food because it make me feel better in all ways. It taste good, it is simple, it is quick to make. And it also makes me look better too!


    73. By Paula on Nov 13, 2011

      I love Gourmet uncooking because I still want to feel like I’m having normal people food sometimes. LOL! i know we’re normal but I mean food like I used to eat. Now especially, that it’s getting cold, I long for heartier dishes and hot food. Salad, even smoothies alone just won’t cut it. I need some variety as well, and something that seems like a treat to stay on this path. Not that raw food and smoothies aren’t good, but I think we long for some things from our past as well or at least something more comforting than cleansing sometimes. I think gourmet sounds to me something that might fit the bill..


    74. By Amanda cm on Nov 13, 2011

      I love raw food gourmet (un)cooking because my body loves it! I get more energy, I feel healthier and my body sings!!! I also love it because you get to experiment with color, the NATURAL color of foods….the way they were supposed to be. It is so beautiful!!! :)


    75. By Faye on Nov 13, 2011

      I LOVE raw gourmet (un)cooking because it makes me feel creative and beautiful, and the food makes me vibrant and healthy.

      Does it get any better than that? I think not! :)


    76. By lucy kabatoff on Nov 13, 2011

      love raw foods


    77. By Anita Massic on Nov 13, 2011

      This is my first day on the website. I am very interested in the raw food diet. I am ready to change my life, feel good, younger, It is MY time!!!


    78. By Nancy on Nov 13, 2011

      I enjoy raw food because I feel so much healthier eating it and have much more energy for the day. Local wild food is fun to find and incorporate too. (Un)cooking requires a knife, a cutting board, a high speed blender, and imagination, unless of course one uses your Simple Gourmet recipe book. Smoothies and Green Drinks are the easiest as are soups, but my faves are the raw macaroons, truffles, date tortes, brownies, mousse, and anything with avocado.


    79. By Lynn on Nov 14, 2011

      I have already liked the page.


    80. By Lynn on Nov 14, 2011

      I love raw gourmet un cooking and sharing my creations with my friends and family.


    81. By Eva on Nov 14, 2011

      I’m one of those having a hard time to stay on the raw food diet and most of the recipe books are just too complicated! So I would love to have a chance with this!


    82. By Eva on Nov 14, 2011

      And of course I’m already a facebook fan of Tera for a long, long time.. :)


    83. By Jacqueline on Nov 14, 2011

      Raw foods cleared my skin!!


    84. By Rashmi on Nov 15, 2011

      I LOVVVEEEE raw gourmet (un)cooking because uncooking makes me creative and happy and beautiful from within!


    85. By Rashmi on Nov 15, 2011

      Posted on Twitter too –



    86. By Rashmi on Nov 15, 2011

      and already Liked the FB page :)


    87. By Jessica Craig on Nov 15, 2011

      I am new to raw food, but I can’t wait to explore more about it with the help of your informative website!


    88. By Kaia on Nov 15, 2011

      Creating raw meals is a whole new paradigm shift! To take an idea for a meal that was traditionally cooked and, quite probably, contained animal products of some sort, and then come up with a raw, VITAL version of it is the ultimate in pure delightful satisfaction for me. I LOVE the challenge of it…to make something even better than the original and to KNOW that this is full of live, vitality and, of course, takes freakin fabulous ;) I love to see the looks on people’s faces when they taste it…they can’t believe how good it is! It’s constant creativity at play…it’s edible art ;)


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