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food with no carbs

Posted by melba

      list of foods with no carbs
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With raw foods, you are always going to have carbohydrates... vegetables and fruit are made of carbohydrates and nuts contain them also.

If you are talking about a low carb diet, then what you want to do is learn about the glycemic index, and look at the glycemic index for each vegetable or fruit, and choose low glycemic index vegetables and fruit.

At the same time, if you are after doing low carb, then you have to look at your protein intake - anything you eat on a raw diet is going to have carbs, but what is the protein content of what you are eating?  The traditional carb/fat/protein ratio for low carb dieting is 40-30-30, so you want to look at the carb content, the protein content, and the fat content of whatever you are eating, and work at getting those to conform to your ideal ratio.

Dark green leafy vegetables tend to be the lowest in carb content, but you still need fats and protein, and you cannot live on kale alone (although I do love my marinated kale, and my kale chips)

few raw food books separate out the carbs, fat, and protein (it's better, I think, to go get your own book on food values - find a book in the nutrition section of your local bookstore,and just look at the vegetables, fruit, raw nuts and seeds, and extra virgin olive oils---  One book, The Raw Food Revolution Diet, by Cherie Soria, does make an effort to list the food values for the recipes.

If you are eating a raw diet, and you are not trying to put sweetness into every bite, and you are not od-ing on raw chocolate, and raw cookies, you will find that your low carb needs will be met, and you will be able to take off weight virtually effortlessly.

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