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food with creatine?

Posted by maryhall

what food has creatine? i know steak....what else?
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I would like to know, first, why you are interested in creatine. 

Creatine is a product of animal meats.  Body builders take it because they believe it will help them build muscle and gain muscle-related weight.  If you do not want to develop muscle and gain muscle-related weight, creatine is not right for you. 

Creatine only works if you are doing weight-bearing exercise.  If you do not want to exercise, creatine is not the product for you. It will not help you at all if you are not doing serious weight-bearing exercise.

If you are simply looking for foods that will help you build and maintain muscle, any protein will do that.  As you have asked your question on the raw foods forum, I will say that all plant products contain some protein.  Especially rich in protein are alfalfa sprouts,  and raw nuts and seeds.  Raw nuts and seeds can be processed in the home to make pates, nut and seed milks, nut and seed "cheezes", as well as other dishes (my current favorite is a cashew/kale stuffed tomato... yumm!  So good, and so good for me, laden with protein and dark green vegetables (and all the goodies they bring), as well as fiber.  What more could an exercise enthusiast ask for?

There are a number of websites which address body-building and the raw vegan diet.  

Here are a few links:

You get the idea... google raw vegan bodybuilding 

and/or raw vegan bodybuilder

You will find more than enough information about how to build muscle while you are working on building muscle.



my blood work screening test show a below average recommend level of creatinine in my body
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